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February 14,2015

February 13
Preview: 3:00 - 5:00 pm


February 14
Preview: 10:00 - 12:00
Auction: 12:00 - 4:00

The Charleston Marriott

170 Lockwood Blvd.

Charleston, South Carolina

Contact the office to order a catalog

$20 | $29 Out of Country


$150 | $177 Out of Country

Consignments accepted until January 1.

Hotel Information

Charleston Marriott 843-723-3000

Use code "WIL" for the $169 per night SEWE rate

Holiday Inn Express | 843-722-4000

Use code "SEW" for the following SEWE rates

Wednesday: $79 Thursday: $99 - Friday/Saturday: $189 - Sunday: $79

For more show information you can visit or contact
John Powell at 843-723-1748 or


A decoy show will be held in the same facility as the auction, contact
John Powell at 843-723-1748 for more information.


Absentee, phone and online bidding will be available.

Preview will be updated as other scheduled consignments arrive


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Full size carvings by Josh Brewer

Full size carvings by Josh Brewer

Hollow lumberyard yellowlegs with removable dove tailed head

Plover by Wendell Squire

Greater yellowlegs from Massachusetts

Yellowlegs from North Carolina

51" x 31" Painting by Art Lamay

Canvasback by Jim Schmiedlin

Scoter by Jim Schmiedlin

Canada goose by Mark McNair

Eider by Mark McNair

Canvasback by Mark McNair

Rare ruddy duck by George Washington Barnes

Two greenwing teal by Ed Snyder

Turned head yellowlegs from Virginia

Two English pigeons

Very rare bluebill drake by Ned Burgess

Curlew by Mark McNair

Caines Brothers reproduction mallard

Pintail by John McLoughlin

Canada goose by Joseph Lincoln

Pair of canvasbacks by the Ward Brothers

Pair of decorative bluewing teal by the Ward Brothers

Widgeon by Ned Burgess

Canvasback hen by the Ward Brothers

Pair of mergansers by George Boyd. Restoration by Russ Allen

1936 model mallard by the Ward Brothers

Swimming Canada goose by Cameron McIntyre

Balsa Canada goose by the Ward Brothers

Pair of pintails by Bob White

Widgeon drake by Elmer Crowell

Pair of 1/4 size mallards by George Frederick

Pair of greenwing teal by Lloyd Johnson

Swan by Mannie Haywood

Oversize black duck by George Boyd

Owl by Herters Decoy Factory

Full size grouse by Oliver Lawson

Classic Canada goose by George Boyd

Decorative brant by Cigar Daisey

Pair of root head pintails by Ike O'Neil

Pair of buffleheads by Cigar Daisey

1936 model bluebill by the Ward Brothers

Rare pair of scoters by Cigar Daisey

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