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February 17, 2018
Decoy and Sporting Art Auction

Charleston Marriott | 170 Lockwood Blvd | Charleston, South Carolina

February 16
Preview 3:00 - 5:00

February 17
Preview 10:00 - 12:00
Auction 12:00 - 5:00


Charleston Marriott | 843-723-3000
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Wed - Mon $169/night, if booked by January 15, 2017

Holiday Inn Express | 843-722-4000
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Wed & Thurs $89/nt, Fri & Sat, $189/night, if booked by January 23, 2017

Visit or call 843-723-1748 for more information for the Expo.

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Decorative Canada goose by the Ward Brothers

Mallard drake by Jett Brunet. Winner of five best of show blue ribbons

Canvasback by Lee Dudley

Important full size standing wood duck by Elmer Crowell

Rare bluewing teal by James Holly

70" tall firescreen with paintings by Reginald Bolles

Watercolor by David Hagerbaumer. 21" x 29"

Widgeon drake and hen by Dennis Schroeder

Unused widgeon drake by Ned Burgess

Canvasback hen by Tan Brunet

Brant by the Ward Brothers

Miniatures by Tan Brunet

Mallard from Delacroix Island, Louisiana

Pintail by Mitchell Lafrance and George Fredericks

Pintail by Mike Frady

Pair of pintails by Eddie Granier

"Willow Ptarmigan on Rocks," a carving by Ernie Muehlmatt

Part of a good selection of decoys by Ben Schmidt

Part of a good selection of
decoys by Ben Schmidt

Part of a good selection of
decoys by Ben Schmidt

Rare mallard drake by Robert McGaw

Mallard drake by Tan Brunet

Black duck by Robert McGaw

Very rare pintail hen by Robert McGaw

Early fat jaw bluebill by the Ward Brothers

Miniature black ducks by
Ira Hudson

Widgeon drake by Lee Dudley

Merganser drake by Jim Schmiedlin

Dove by Remy Rousseau

Hissing Canada goose by Ira Hudson

52" long submarine model

"Snow Leopard," acrylic on canvas by Lindsey B. Scott,
16" x 10"

"Portrait of Edward Mann of Charleson, South Carolina," an oil on canvas by Thomas Egan, 15" x 13"

"Man Among Men," an oil on board by David Kucera, 23.25" x 30"

"Free Spirit," an oil on canvas by Julie Jeppsen, 11.5" x 15.5"

Part of a good selection of decoratives

Part of a good selection of decoratives

"The Mountain Man," bronze sculpture by Michael Hamby.
26" tall.

Bronze sculpture of rams by Joe Halko. 22.5" long.

"Eternal Conflict," life size carving of eagle and snake by Martin Gates

Bronze sculpture of an Indian in
a canoe by Mike Elwell. 36" long.

Rare ruddy duck by Ned Burgess

1936 model black duck by the Ward Brothers

Dowitcher by Robert Gelston

Very rare ruddy duck by Doug Jester

Very rare 1/4 size merganser by Lloyd Parker

1/4 size swan by the
Ward Brothers

Canvasback hen by Jim

Miniature redhead hen by Ira Hudson