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February 1 - February 7
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A more representative selection of items in the sale will be posted in late January.

Visit February 1 - February 7 for a very special selection of
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Avocet attributed to Lloyd Tyler

Goldeneye hen by Rhodes Truex

Swimming black duck from Ontario

Pair of hollow pine Old Saybrook canvasbacks by Wildfowler Decoy Factory

Goldeneye hen by Ben Schmidt

Goldeneye drake by Ben Schmidt

Pair of oldsquaw by Bob White

Two robin snipe from Long Island

Feeding yellowlegs by Everett Carter (1840-1910)

Bluebill drake by the Ward Brothers

Full size decorative pheasant hen by
Barbara Nelson

Original charcoal of a turkey shoot by
Aiden Lassell Ripley

Decoys by Don Gearhart

Red breasted merganser by Pat Godin

Hooded merganser from Virginia

Pair of wood ducks by Charles Schoenheider, Jr.

Two rare loon miniatures by George Boyd

Powder tin from Curtis's & Harvey's - Honker

Painting by David Maass

Painting by Edgar Burke

Painting by Bill Griffith

Painting by George Schelling

Original ink wash by Roland Clark

Painting by David Hagerbaumer

Painting by William Schaldach

Painting by John Walter Scott

Miniatures by the Ward Brothers

Paid of canvasbacks by Bob Kerr

Feeding plover and curlew by William Gibian

Pair of wood ducks by Davey Nichol 

Mallard hen by Charles Bergman

Pair of mergansers by Reggie Birch

Decorative peregrine falcons on carved rock by Ernie Muehlmatt

Heron by Hurley Conklin 

Original oil paintings by Tan and Jude Brunet

Miniatures by Elmer Crowell

Original pencil drawing for the etching 'Restless Waters' by Roland Clark

Swimming Canada goose by Ira Hudson

Golden plover by the Harris family of Nantucket

Hollow carved redhead by Tom Chambers

Rare gunning redhead by Robert McGaw

Rare 3/4 size carvings by Oliver Lawson

Hollow carved black duck by Charles Birch

Full size carvings by Oliver Lawson

Yellowlegs by Harry V. Shourds

Miniature bluebill by Joseph Lincoln

Pintail hen by Xavier Bourg

Toronto Harbor shorebird

Decoys by Otto Garren

Canada goose by Rowley Horner

Curlew by Mark McNair

Early mallard drake by Charles Perdew

Pair of bluewing teal by Reme Roussell

Mallard hen by Mitchell LaFrance

Pair of bluewing teal by Howard Bacon, Jr.

Carvings by John Fliegerbauer

Yellowlegs and curlew from Massachusetts

Fish spearing decoys from Lake Chautauqua

Pair of canvasbacks by Ben Schmidt

Carved trout creel by Emile Robichaud

Black bellied plover by the Mason Decoy Factory

Pair of wood ducks by Bob White