guyette and deeter

January 22 & 23, 2000 - New York, New York

On January 22 & 23, Guyette and Schmidt, Inc., in a one auction partnership with Sotheby's, auctioned the decoy collection of Dr. James McCleery for an astounding $10,965,985. Approximately $40,000 worth of full shotgun shell boxes, illegal to sell in New York City, have been sold through bids sent directly to Guyette and Schmidt, completing the sale of this wonderful collection, and breaking the 11 million dollar mark. A crowd of over 1100 people drove prices to new levels, with most items going significantly over the estimates. Many world records were established for decoys, duck calls, shotgun shell boxes, and related items. Guyette and Schmidt auctioneer, James D. Julia shared the bid calling responsibility with Sotheby's auctioneers, William Stahl, Jr. and Diana Brooks.

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(Prices Listed Include Buyer's Premium)

This Sleeping Canada Goose by A. Elmer Crowell brought $684,500 establishing a new world record for the price brought by any decoy at auction.

John Blair swimming mallards. $60,250 and $112,500.

George Boyd mergansers. $87,750 and $74,000

A spectacular Lothrope Holmes Ruddy Turnstone sold for $470,000

This "Hucks" Caines Mallard brought $189,500.

A Premier Grade Wood Duck by the Mason Decoy Factorywent to a collector for $354,000.

World auction record for a duck call. A mint Kinney & Harlow duck call sold for $63,000

World auction record for a shotgun shell box. Winchester Repeating Arms "Christmas" box sold for $39,100

This rare curlew circa 1880 by William Bowman brought $464,500.

Fish decoys brought record prices. A rare Lake Chautauqua sucker sold for $32,200

This Lake Chautauqua perch sold for $10,925.