guyette and deeter

November 7 & 8, 2001 - Easton, Maryland

800+ lots. Featuring decoys from the . Collections of Bernard Crandell. The decoy auction market is alive and well in spite of economic and political uncertainty. The Guyette and Schmidt, Inc. November 2001 auction grossed $1.25 million which was near mid estimate. There was a typical size crowd, and catalog sales were actually up a little from November 2000. Miniatures by Elmer Crowell and A.J. King brought very high prices

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(Prices Listed Include Buyer's Premium)

Canada goose by Joseph Lincoln

Canada goose by Phinneas Reeves

Mallard bookends by Enoch Reindahl

Pair of wood ducks by Peterson Decoy Factory

Wood duck drake by Elmer Crowell

Rare Sibley canvasback hen

Close up of "Hudson River Fowler" type flintlock

Early goldeneye hen by the Ward Brothers

Snow goose by the Ward Brothers

Very rare Canada goose by Ken Anger

Dowitcher with removable dovetail head

Important Canada goose by Sam Soper

Outstanding Canada goose from New Jersey

Kingfisher carving by Elmer Crowell

Acrylic on board by Chet Renneson

Fine watercolor by Chet Renneson

Ruddy duck by the Ward Brothers

3 of a group of 19 miniatures by Elmer Crowell

Decoys by Ben Schmidt

Black duck from Long Island

Classic black duck by Joseph Lincoln

Rare widgeon by Ken Anger

Fish by Oscar Peterson

Canada goose by George Warin

Canada goose from the St. Clair Flats

Pintail drake by Tom Chambers

Flintlock market gun