guyette and deeter

April 24 & 25, 2003 - St. Charles, Illinois

750+ lots. Featuring decoys from the Collection of Bernard Crandell, Ron Adamson, and Gordon & Ginny Hayes. St. Charles auction was well attended with $1.3 million gross and 23 lots selling for over $10,000.

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(Prices Listed Include Buyer's Premium)

Pintail by the Mason Decoy Factory

Pair of redheads from St. Clair

Yellowlegs from Massachusetts

Pair of Chambers canvasbacks

Merganser by Gus Wilson

Lipke bluebills & Tax mallard

Preening eider hen

Early Nichol pintail

Webber oil on canvas

Curlew by Elmer Crowell

Canada goose by Ben Schmidt

Seagull confidence decoy

Pintail drake by Clark Madara

Canada goose by the Ward Brothers

Owl by Leonard Doren

Curlew by the Mason Decoy Factory

Fish decoy from New York State

Fish plaque by Lawrence Irvine

Dowitcher by William Bowman

Pair of bluebills by the Ward Brothers

Scoter by Elmer Crowell

Canvasback by the Ward Brothers

Fish decoy from New York State

Fish decoy by Janner

Fish plaque by Elmer Crowell

Lynn Bogue Hunt painting