guyette and deeter

July 29 & 30, 2004 - Ogunquit, Maine

850 lots. Featuring decoys from the Collections of Ron Adamson, Bowman Graton, Andi & David Fischer and Gus Knapp. This auction grossed $3,436,810, which was $1,000,000 over estimate. 70 lots sold for over $10,000 and 4 lots sold for over $100,000. Many new buyers competed with long time auction regulars as decoy after decoy sold for two and three times its high estimate. The final tally was the 3rd highest grossing decoy auction ever. Also of interest was that as in our April 2004 auction, items that were purchased in the January 2000 Jim McCleery sale were sold for significant profits.

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(Prices Listed Include Buyer's Premium)

Striped bass by Lawrence Irvine World auction record for maker

Merganser drake by George Huey World auction record for maker

Preening eider drake from Maine

Stick up Canada goose by Charles Schoenheider, Sr. World auction record for maker

Pike plaque by Oscar Peterson

Running yellowlegs by Elmer Crowell

Ruddy turnstone by John Dilley World auction record for maker

Pair of quail by Elmer Crowell

Standing gull by Gus Wilson

Flying brant by George "William" McClellan World auction record for maker

Perch spearing decoy by Oscar Peterson

Wood duck hen by Ferdinand Homme Twice its high estimate World auction record for maker

Black bellied plover by Obediah Verity

Feeding Canada goose by John Tax