guyette and deeter

April 28 & 29, 2005 St. Charles, Illinois

850+ lots. Featuring decoys from the Collections of William Klein, William Towner, Phil Williamson, Ron Adamson and Joe French. The action gross was just under $2.7 million. Thirty-six items sold for over $10,000 each and five items sold for over $100,000. Top lot in the sale was a mallard hen by John Blair, Sr. from the McCleery collection, which sold for $214,000. This was a world auction record for a John Blair, Sr. decoy. This decoy was sold for $112,500 when Guyette & Schmidt, Inc. and Sotheby's sold the McCleery Collection in 2000. Second highest price of the sale was $203,000 for a William Hart hooded merganser. This was a new world auction record for a Canadian decoy. The previous record for a Canadian decoy was $187,000 when Guyette & Schmidt, Inc. sold a wood duck drake by Tom Chambers in April 2004. In the past two years people who purchased decoys at the McCleery Collection sale in January 2000 have been reselling them for significant profits through Guyette & Schmidt, Inc. Ex McCleery Collection decoys in this sale were a John Blair, Sr. mallard drake at $103,5000, it sold for $60,250 at McCleery auction. Also a John Tax snow goose sold for $100,625. It sold at the McCleery auction for $65,750.

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(Prices Listed Include Buyer's Premium)

Watercolor by Shang Wheeler

Yellowlegs by Elmer Crowell

Mallard drake by Charles Walker

Mason Challenge grade merganser

Teal by the Mason Decoy Factory

Hart hooded merganser World auction record Canadian decoy

Pair of bluewing teal by Shang Wheeler

Robert Elliston greenwing teal

Canada goose by Nathan Cobb, Jr.

Redhead by George Warin

Teal by William Loney

Scoter by Gus Wilson

Oscar Peterson vase

Yellowlegs by Ira Hudson

Peep by Harry V. Shourds

Merganser hen by Ira Hudson

Snow goose by John Tax World auction record for maker

Blair mallard hen World auction record for maker

Blair mallard drake

Bluebill drake by the Mason Decoy Factory