guyette and deeter

January 18, 2008 in conjunction with Christie's

In conjunction with Christies of New York. Approximately 74 decoys in the begining of the sale. Gross decoy sales - $892,000

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(Prices Listed Include Buyer's Premium)

Pair of 3/4 size canvasbacks by Joh Glen - $15,000

"Humpback" widgeon drake by the Ward Brothers - $133,000 Auction World Record Price for Ward decoy

Hollow Canada goose by Nathan Cobb, Jr. - $457,000 Auction World Record Price for Virginia decoy

Oversized mallard drake from Iowa - $16,250 Auction World Record Price for Iowa decoy

Great blue heron by Joe Kralic - $15,000

Large Eskimo curlew by Abram Thomas - $8,125

Canvasback hen by Elmer Crowell - $79,000

Carved wooden fish model by John & Druhe Tulley - $10,000

Swimming "flat bottom style" blackduck by John Blair, Sr. - $18,750

Merganser hen by Orin Hiltz (bill repair) - $5,000