guyette and deeter

July 29 & 30, 2014

Guyette & Deeter conducted their annual summer decoy auction on July 29 & 30 at the Sheraton Harborside Hotel in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. It was accompanied by a 50 table Buy, Sell, & Swap. The auction grossed $2.2 million, which was at mid estimate. There were 108 registered bidders in the audience, 171 phone and absentee bidders, and 734 registered online bidders. Bidding battles for key decoys erupted continually as many items sold over estimate. 3 lots sold for over $100,000 and 39 lots sold for over $10,000. Because of Guyette & Deeter's long history of accurate guaranteed condition reports and responsible estimates, the number of sales to non audience bidders continues to rise at our sales. 11% of the auction gross sold to internet bidders and 50% sold to phone and absentee bidders.

This summer’s sale featured decoys from the collections of William Grossman, the Megargee Family, Doug Knight, Jim Rose, Harry Seitz, Paul Kelly, Peter Bartlett, Phil Stanton, Nancy Prince, Don Beverly, Carl Pryor and Ellery Clark. The reputation of Guyette and Deeter, as well as our over 30 years in business, have been the key to our success in securing early collections, many of which have been uncirculated for thirty to forty years. The sale featured decoys by world famous carvers such as Elmer Crowell, Ward Brothers, Harry V. Shourds, Ira Hudson and Charles Perdew will be sold with prices ranging from $300 to over $100,000.  Many New England decoys will be sold including examples by Elmer Crowell (E. Harwich, MA), Gus Wilson (S. Portland, ME), George Boyd (Seabrook, NH) and Joseph Lincoln (Hingham, MA).

Guyette & Deeter’s next decoy sale will be held November 12 & 13 in Easton, Maryland. This auction will be held in conjunction with the Easton Waterfowl Festival.


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Black duck by Shang Wheeler
World Auction Record for Maker

"Dust jacket" style black bellied plover by Elmer Crowell

Pintail by the Ward Brothers

English/Dawson redhead

Pair of mergansers by Harry V. Shourds

Teal by James Holly

Lincoln type yellowlegs

Brant by Rowley Horner

Redhead by Keyes Chadwick

Curlew by the Mason Decoy Factory

Curlew by Daniel Lake Leeds

Canvasback by the Ward Brothers

Greenwing teal by Harry Townson

Canvasback by John R. Wells

Bluebill by Rowley Horner

Pair of redheads by Jim Schmiedlin

Pintail by John Luedtke
World Auction Record for Maker

Pintail by Elmer Crowell

Peep by Daniel Lake Leeds

Mallard by the Mason Decoy Factory

Widgeon by William Quinn

Eider by Thomas ALexander

Tern by Elmer Crowell

Yellowlegs by Walter Savory

Canvasback by Frank Coombs

Mallard by Bert Graves

Merganser by Gus Wilson

Pair of mergansers by Oscar Bibber

Dowitcher by John Dilley

Pair of mallards by the Ward Brothers

Canada goose by David Ward

Canada goose by Harry V. Shourds

Canvasback by the Ward Brothers

Canada goose from St. Clair Flats

Decorative black duck by the Ward Brothers

Bluejay by Elmer Crowell

Bluebill by Elmer Crowell

Snow goose by Ben Schmidt

Uncle Sam carving by John Tolson

Plover by Elijah Burr

Robin snipe by the Mason Decoy Factory

Pair of bluebills by Chauncey Wheeler

Black bellied plover by Harry V. Shourds

Widgeon by Joseph Lincoln

Scoter by Cigar Daisey

Wood duck by Ken Anger

Pair of bluewing teal by the Mason Decoy Factory

Teal by John Holly

Shoveler by the Ward Brothers

Pair of mallards by Charles Perdew