guyette and deeter

Sale Featuring Decoys and Sporting Art

April 21 & 22, 2016 - St. Charles, Illinois

Guyette & Deeter, Inc. conducted their 31st annual spring decoy auction on April 21 & 22 at the Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles, Illinois. It was held in conjunction with the National Antique Decoy & Sporting Collectibles Show. The auction grossed just under $2.8 million, with 58 lots selling for over $10,000 and 2 lots selling for over $100,000. Prices soared for iconic sporting art from the Paul Tudor Jones II collection, with all paintings from the featured collection selling. The top decoy in the sale was an exceptional oversize Monhegan Island style merganser by Gus Wilson that sold for $149,500. A running sandpiper by Elmer Crowell was another highlight, selling for $80,500.

Gary and Jon attributed the solid prices to Guyette & Deeter’s guaranteed condition reports and a Buyer’s Premium that has remained at 15%. Many of the lots were fresh to the market, with most of the sporting art being sold for the first time in 25 years, and most of the top decoys for over 20 years.

Guyette & Deeter’s next sale will be held July 26 & 27 at the Sheraton Harborside Hotel in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Quality consignments are being accepted until June 5 or until full.


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(Prices Listed Include Buyer's Premium)

Oversize Monhegan Island style merganser,
Gus Wilson

Running sandpiper,
Elmer Crowell

"Startled Retreat," 20" x 40" acrylic on board, Bob Kuhn

"Good Luck," 23.5" x 16" watercolor, A.B. Frost

Pintail hen from the Kankakee Marshes

Bluebill, Robert Elliston

Bluewing teal, George Boyd

Greenwing teal, Charles Perdew

Pike plaque, Oscar Peterson

Sleeping mallard, Bert Graves

Yellowlegs, William Bowman

Greenwing teal hen, the Ward Brothers

Pair of pintails, Charles Perdew

"Widgeon & Teal," 18" x 24" oil on canvas, Roland Clark

"Teal on the Bear River Marshes," 22" x 16" oil on canvas, Lynn Bouge Hunt

"Canada Geese and Canvasbacks," 20" x 24" oil on canvas, Sir Peter Scott

"Redlegs in December," 22" x 16" oil on canvas, Lynn Bogue Hunt

12" x 14" oil on canvas, Lynn Bogue Hunt

25" x 20" oil on canvas, Churchill, Ettinger

"Layout Shooting," 10.75" x 8.25" oil on board, Lynn Bogue, Hunt

Brant, Shang Wheeler

Pintail, Mason Decoy Factory

Pair of mallards, Enoch Reindahl

Canvasback, Charles Perdew

Duck call, Bill Clifford

Pair of mallards, Mason Decoy Factory

Pair of shovelers, Jim Schmiedlin

Pair of canvasbacks from the St. Clair Flats

Canvasback, John Schweikart

Redhead, Keyes Chadwick

Trout, Harry Seymour

Fish decoy, Ed Irwin

Pintail, Horace "Hi" Crandall

Hooded merganser hen, William Chrysler

Pair of greenwing teal, Mason Decoy Factory

Canada goose, Mason Decoy Factory

Bluebill, Ferdinand Bach

Hanging game carving, Cameron McIntyre

Pair of widgeon, Mason Decoy Factory

DuPont Gun Powder lithograph

J. Dukehart & Company poster

Quick Shot poster, King Powder Company

Pair of bluebills, Elmer Crowell

Bluebill, Vern Cheesman

Redhead from Ontario

Canvasback, Bert Graves

"Chance Shot While Setting Out Decoys," 17" x 25" watercolor, A.B. Frost

Greenwing teal, Robert Elliston

Pair of mallards, Nate Quillin

Wood duck hen, Mason Decoy Factory

Canvasback hen, Charles Perdew

Canvasback, Lee Dudley

Sandpiper wtih bill and wingtip repair, Elmer Crowell

Greenwing teal, Ward Brothers

Pintail, Ward Brothers

Curlew, Mason Decoy Factory

Duck call, James Beckhart

"Honoring," 15" x 18" oil on canvas, Percival Rosseau

24" x 40" oil on canvas, Edmond Osthaus

"Woodducks," 28" x 24" oil on board, David Maass

"Through the Trees," 30" x 24" oil on canvas, Francis Lee Jaques

"Pintails," 16" x 20" oil on canvas, Lynn Bogue Hunt

"A Marshy Blind," 7" x 10" watercolor sketch, Ogden Pleissner

16" x 20" oil on board, Harry Adamson

24" x 42" acrylic on board, Harry Antis

"Lifting Off," 23.5" x 17.5" watercolor, Kenneth Carlson

Pair of mallards, Horace "Hi" Crandall

Pair of bluewing teal, Mason Decoy Factory

Mallard, Charles Walker

Pintail hen, Stevens Brothers

Old squaw, Tom Schroder

Brant, Rowley Horner

Canada goose, the Ward Brothers

Black duck, Bert Graves

Pair of bluebills, Orel LeBouf

Pair of bluewing teal, Charles Perdew

Pair of greenwing teal, Charles Perdew

Yellow perch, Harry Seymour

Fish plaque, Dhure and John Tully

Hawk carving, Pat Godin

Merganser, Mason Decoy Factory

Pair of canvasbacks, Ferd Homme

Bluewing teal hen, Mason Decoy Factory

Horner/Sprague merganser

Black duck, John English

Baltimore oriole, Elmer Crowell

Remington Solid Breech Guns poster

Selby Shells poster

Pair of redheads, Evans Decoy Factory

Black bellied plover, Harry V. Shourds

Green herons bronze, William Koelpin