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February 13, 2016 - Charleston, South Carolina

Guyette & Deeter, Inc. Fourth Auction at Southeastern Wildlife Expo at Mid Estimate

Charleston, South Carolina - Guyette & Deeter held its fourth annual decoy auction in partnership with the Southeastern Wildlife Expo in Charleston, South Carolina on February 13, 2016. This sale was Guyette & Deeter's largest and most successful sale in Charleston to date. It was unreserved, and only three items were passed and one was withdrawn. This is Guyette & Deeter’s smallest auction of the year, with just 323 lots. The sale total was roughly mid-estimate, at $710,982, with 10 lots selling for over $10,000. Gary Guyette and Jon Deeter attribute the success to extensive promotion, guaranteed condition reports, and a buyer's premium that is still 15%. The catalog for this sale is still available for $20.

The sale featured the collections of Richard & Nancy Denesevich, Richard Elliot, Brent Flowers, Barbara Gilford, Dr. Claude Godwin, Pete Hanley, Roger Mallar, Doug & Ellen Miller, Reid Newcomb, and Gene & Diane Orgeron.

North Carolina decoys, decoratives by Tan & Jett Brunet as well as Elmer Crowell, and shorebird decoys all brought high prices, with many selling over estimate. World auction records were established for carvings by Tan Brunet, Jett Brunet, Ernie Muehlmatt, and Jimmie Vizier. All were highly decorative carvings from the Orgeron collection (New Orleans, LA). A world auction record was also set for North Carolina carver Alvin Harris.

Guyette & Deeter's next sale will be held on April 21 & 22 in St. Charles, Illinois. The consignment deadline for this sale is March 1, or until full.


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Pair of canvasbacks by the Ward Brothers

English/Dawson black duck

Goldeneye drake by the Ward Brothers

Quail family by Ernie Muehlmatt
World Auction Record for Maker

Pair of decorative greenwing teal by the
Ward Brothers

Turnstone from Cobb Island, Virginia
Gilford collection

Decorative mallard by Tan Brunet
World Auction Record for Maker

Peep by Obediah Verity
Gilford collection

Peep by Eli Doughty
Gilford collection

Root head Canada goose from Ocracoke Island

Pintail by Mitchell LaFrance
This decoy was for sale for $1,000 on a table at
the November 2015 Easton Waterfowl Festival

Oil on board by Dr. Edgar Burke

Acrylic on board by Dennis Anderson

Oil on canvas by William Zimmerman

Pair of mergansers by Jim Schmiedlin

Repainted ruddyduck by Ned Burgess

Whimbrel by Jimmy Styron

Acrylic on board by Don Rodell

Pintail by Clay Tillet
World Auction Record for Maker

Robin snipe by Daniel Lake Leeds
Gilford collection

Semi-palmated plover with open bill
by Elmer Crowell

Decorative pintail hen by Jett Brunet
World Auction Record for Maker

Black duck by Ned Burgess

Flying pintail by Delbert Hudson

Decorative ringneck plover by Elmer Crowell

Pair of canvasbacks by Jim Schmiedlin

Curlew from the Eastern Shore of Virginia
Gilford collection

Pair of mallards by the Mason Decoy Factory

Redhead hen by Alvin Harris
World Auction Record for Maker

Mallard by the Stevens Brothers

Black duck by Nathan Cobb, Jr.

Oil on canvas by Lem Ward

Pair of canvasbacks by the Ward Brothers

Redhead by Mitchell Fulcher

Merganser by Jimmie Vizier
World Auction Record for Maker

Bluebill hen by Tillman Lewark
World Auction Record for Maker