guyette and deeter

Sale Featuring Decoys and Sporting Art

November 10, 2016 - Easton, Maryland

Easton, Maryland - Guyette & Deeter, Inc. conducted their annual fall decoy auction on November 10 at the Talbot County Community Center in Easton, Maryland. The sale was held in conjunction with the Easton Waterfowl Festival and was accompanied by a Buy, Sell & Swap. The auction grossed $1.8 million, with 33 lots selling for over $10,000 and two lots selling for over $100,000. The top lot in the auction was a museum quality "humpback" style pintail hen by the Ward Brothers that sold for $201,250, a world auction record for the Ward Brothers.

The sale featured the collections of John Baker, Dr. Lloyd Griffith, Joseph Hegarty, Porter and Patti Hopkins, Paul Tudor Jones II, Doug and Ellen Miller, Harold and Nancy O'Connor, Carl Olson, Gene and Dianne Orgeron, Greg Stanley, and Bruce Williams.

Guyette & Deeter's next decoy sale will be held February 18, 2017 in Charleston, South Carolina. It is held in conjunction with the Southeastern Wildlife Expo. Quality consignments for the sale will be accepted until December 22 or until full.

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"Humpback" style pintail hen, Ward Brothers
World auction record for maker

"Low head" black duck, Ward Brothers

Canvasback hen, John English

Widgeon, Lloyd Sterling

Pair of mergansers, Ira Hudson

Dowitcher, John Dilley

"Geese in the Cornfield," 19.5" x 28.5" watercolor,
A. Lassell Ripley

Canada goose, Harry V. Shourds

Curlew, Mason Decoy Factory

Dowitcher, William Bowman

Blair School pintail

Canvasback, John R. Wells

Pair of wood ducks, Jim Schmiedlin

Mallard hen, Harvey Stevens

Mallard, Ward Brothers

Robin snipe, Mason Decoy Factory

23" x 17.25" watercolor, George L. Viavant

Decorative black duck, Dennis Schroeder

"Mallard Suite," 23.5" x 36" oil on board,
David Maass

Pair of buffleheads, Ward Brothers

Bluewing teal, Mason Decoy Factory

Mallard, Ward Brothers

Robin snipe, Mason Decoy Factory

Shoveler hen, Cigar Daisey

Canada goose, Bob Brown

Miniature decorative lesser yellowlegs, Elmer Crowell

Pintail, Ira Hudson

Buffelhead, Elmer Crowell

"Humpback" pintail drake, Ward Brothers

Ruddy turnstone, Obediah Verity

"The Partridge Hunter," 19" x 25" watercolor,
Ogden Pleissner

Black duck, John Blair, Sr.

16" x 20" oil on canvas, Francis Lee Jacques

Pair of greenwing teal, Mason Decoy Factory

Pair of bluebills, Ward Brothers

Golden plover, Elmer Crowell

Preening black duck, Albert Laing

Canada goose, Harry Mitchell Shourds

"Evening at Mubulo," 24.5" x 19.5" oil on board,
George Browne

Swimming merganser, Elmer Crowell

"A Soft Mouth," 8.25" x 12.5" oil on board,
Arthur Tait

Bluebill, Nathan Cobb, Jr

Merganser, Mark English

Pair of mallards, Ward Brothers

Bufflehead, Mason Decoy factory

Pair of pintails, Ward Brothers

Gull, Pennell Alexander

Decorative tern, Elmer Crowell

Pintail, Leonard Pryor

Pair of widgeon, Ira Hudson

Canada goose, Ward Brothers

Canvasback, Elmer Crowell

Brant, Mason Decoy Factory

Canada goose, Eli Doughty

Ruddy duck, Baily Barco