guyette and deeter

Sale Featuring Decoys and Sporting Art

July 25 & 26, 2017 | Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Guyette & Deeter, Inc. conducted annual summer decoy and sporting art auction on July 25 & 26 at the Sheraton Harborside Hotel in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The auction grossed just under $2.25 million, with 28 lots selling for over $10,000 and 2 lots selling for over $100,000. The top decoy in the sale was a very important Canada goose by Charles Safford, which sold for $517,500, the 12th most expensive decoy ever sold at auction. An old squaw and greenwing teal by Joseph Lincoln were also highlights, selling for $143,750 and $74,750. The sale featured the collections of Jim Andrews, Jim Barthe, Dwight Belanger, William Berry & Pat Kalinsky, Peter Brown, Gene Carr, Ellen & Doug Miller, Harold O'Connor, Carl Olson, Denny Tracey, and the Vinal Collection.

Gary and Jon attributed the solid prices to Guyette & Deeter's guaranteed condition reports and a Buyer's Premium that has remained at 15%. Guyette & Deeter's next sale will be held in November in conjunction with the Easton, Maryland Waterfowl Festival. Quality Consignments accepted until September 10.


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(Prices Listed Include Buyer's Premium)

Important Canada goose, Charles Safford
12th Most Expensive Decoy Ever Sold at Auction

Old squaw, Joseph Lincoln

Full size yellowlegs, Elmer Crowell

Pair of bluewing teal, Ivar Fernlund

Canvasback, Ferdinand Bach

Robin snipe, Harry V. Shourds

Running plover, Elijah Burr

Pair of redheads, Markham Rig

Canvasack hen, Ward Brothers

Yellowlegs, Taylor Johnson

Merganser hen, Harry M. Shourds

Black duck, Enoch Reindahl

Muskie fish decoy from Lake Chautauqua

Goldeneye, Elmer Crowell

Pintail, Joseph Lincoln

Ruddy turnstone from Toronto Harbor

Pair of pintails, Charles Perdew

Robin snipe, Daniel Lake Leeds

Sandpiper, Elmer Crowell

Yellowlegs, Harry V. Shourds

Pair of mergansers, Clarence Earnst

Golden plover, Chauncey Wheeler

Redhead, Alain Macdonald

Bluebill hen, Ward Brothers

Bufflehead, Harry V. Shourds

Pair of redheads, Ivar Fernlund

Curlew, a member of the Leeds Family

Pair of bluebills, Walter Humphrey

Black bellied plover, Daniel Lake Leeds

Eider, Charles Jacobs

Two shorebird silhouettes, Elmer Crowell

Greenwing teal, Joseph Lincoln

Merganser from Long Island, New York

Full size yellowlegs, Elmer Crowell

Full size snipe, Elmer Crowell

Wood duck, Elmer Crowell

Miniature black duck, Elmer Crowell

Canada goose, Phinneas Reeves

Curlew, Daniel Lake Leeds

Pintail, Charles Walker

Kingfisher, Elmer Crowell

Fish Decoy, Frank Kuss

Canvasback, George Warin

Pair of bluebills, Richard Janson

Curlew from the Fox Rig

Merganser hen, Elmer Crowell

Shoveler hen, John Tornberg

Oil on canvas, Shang Wheeler

Duck call, Bill Clifford

Canada goose, Ira Hudson

Goldeneye hen, Elmer Crowell

Greenwing teal, Mason Decoy Factory

Bluebill, Ward Brothers

Black bellied plover, Harry V. Shourds

Duck call display, Bill Clifford

Bluebill, Elmer Crowell

Pair of old squaws, Steven Bedlam

Merganser, Gus Wilson

Duck call, Newt Rule

Scoter, Ward Brothers