guyette and deeter

Decoy and Sporting Art Auction

23 & 24, 2018 - Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Caines Brothers Mallard Hen and Drake Sell for over $1.1 Million

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Guyette & Deeter, Inc. conducted annual summer decoy and sporting art auction on July 23 & 24 at the Sheraton Harborside Hotel in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Prices were strong throught the sale, grossing just under $3.5 million. Four lots sold for over $100,000 and 52 lots sold for over $10,000. The highlights of the sale, an extraordinary oversize mallard hen and drake by the Caines Brothers of Georgetown, South Carolina sold for a combined price of $1,144,600: the hen a world auction record price for the maker at $767,000, and the drake at $377,600. Other highlights from the sale include an exceptional Canada goose by Enoch Reindahl selling for $153,400, a world auction record for the carver, a Canada goose by Nathan Cobb, Jr selling for $118,000, and feeding yellowlegs by Lothrop Holmes selling for $82,600. The sale featured decoys from the collections of Peter Brown, the Bokelman estate, Jonathan & Virginia Chua, Arnold & Lillian Colodny, Dr. lloyd Griffith, Paul Tudor Jones II, Senator Eugene McCarthy, Mitch McKay, David & Lynn Meyer, Doug & Ellen Miller, W.R. Rowe, Jr., Enrique Sajor, Frank Svoboda, Doug & Carol Whittington, and the Yawkey/Gaston Family

Gary and Jon attributed the solid prices to Guyette & Deeter's guaranteed condition reports and a Buyer's Premium of 18%. Guyette & Deeter's next sale will be held in November in conjunction with the Easton, Maryland Waterfowl Festival. Quality Consignments accepted until September 10.

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(Prices Listed Include Buyer's Premium)

Extraordinary oversize mallard hen and drake by the Caines Brothers. Yawkey/Gaston Family

Extraordinary oversize preening mallard hen by the
Caines Brothers. Yawkey/Gaston Family
A World Auction Record for the Carver

Canada goose, Enoch Reindahl
A World Auction Record for the Carver

Yellowlegs, Lothrop Holmes

Old squaw, Joseph Lincoln

Sanderling, Elmer Crowell

Black duck, Ward Brothers

42" long fish plaque, Oscar Peterson

Greenwing teal, George Boyd

Pintail, Elmer Crowell

Robin snipe, William Bowman

Flying brant, William McClellan

Goldeneye hen, Ward Brothers

Black bellied plover, John Dilley

Mallard drake, Ward brothers

Dunlin, Dodge Decoy Factory

Merganser, Orran Hiltz

Robin snipe, Obediah Verity

Canada goose, Russ Burr

Redhead, George Warin

Redhead, Harvey Stevens

Black bellied plover, Obediah Verity

Edier from Maine

Gull, Ward Brothers

Brook trout, Oscar Peterson

Mallard drake, Harvey Stevens

Canada goose, Smith Clinton Verity

Teal hen, Ward Brothers

Canada goose, Captain Ed Phillips

Walleye, Oscar Peterson

"Before the Blow," 16" x 20" oil on canvas,
Roland Clark

Bufflehead, George Stevens

Pair of mallards, Mason Decoy Factory

Golden plover from Toronto Harbor

Rocking head merganser, Gus Wilson

Pair of mallards, Charles Walker

Sleeping Canada goose, possibly Massachusetts

Pintail, Mason Decoy Factory

Decorative brant, Oliver Lawson

Extraordinary oversize mallard drake by the
Caines Brothers. Yawkey/Gaston Family.

Canada goose, Nathan Cobb, Jr.

Black duck, Shang Wheeler

Bluebill hen, Ward Brothers

Merganser, Harry V. Shourds

Pair of mallards, Ward Brothers

Old squaw hen, Ward Brothers

Ruddy duck, Alvirah Wright

Golden plover, Elmer Crowell

Ruddy turnstone, John Dilley

Greater yellowlegs, Elmer Crowell

Pair of mallards, Ward Brothers

Full size decorative grouse, Ward Brothers

Pair of canvasbacks, Ward Brothers

Decorative bluewing teal, Ward Brothers

Old squaw, Captain Clarence Bailey

Pair of goldeneye, John R. Wells

Pair of mergansers, Keyes Chadwick

Bluewing teal, George Stevens

Dowitcher, William Bowman

Pair of decorative wood ducks, Oliver Lawson

Decorative black duck, Ward Brothers

Pintail, John Blair, Jr.

Pair of black ducks, John Scheeler

Sleeping black duck, Elmer Crowell

Black duck, Harvey Stevens

Dowitcher, Mason Decoy Factory

Peep, Obediah Verity

Curlew from Cobb Island

Bluewing teal, Mason Decoy Factory

Pair of widgeon, Ward Brothers

Robin snipe, Mason Decoy Factory

"Clouds," a 48" x 59" oil on board,
Eric Sloane

Mallard drake, Elmer Crowell

Pair of bluewing teal, William Finch

Black bellied plover from Toronto Harbor