guyette and deeter

Decoy and Sporting Art Auction

November 7 & 8, 2018 - Easton, Maryland

Guyette & Deeter, Inc. conducted annual Fall decoy and sporting art auction on November 7 & 8 at the Talbot County Community Center in Easton, Maryland. The sale is held in conjunction with the Easton Waterfowl Festival. One lot sold for over $100,000 and 34 lots sold for over $10,000. The top lot of the sale an important pair of canvasbacks by James Holly that sold over estimate at $153,400. The sale featured decoys from the collections of Arnold & Lillian Colodny, Jim Deevy, Otis Dozier, Dr. Lloyd Griffith, the Charlie Joiner estate, Paul Tudor Jones II, Harry Megargee, David & Lynn Meyer, Bill Staplin, Richard Stephenson, and Doug & Carol Whittington.

Gary and Jon attributed the solid prices to Guyette & Deeter's guaranteed condition reports and a Buyer's Premium of 18%. Guyette & Deeter's next sale will be held in April in conjunction with the Midwest Decoy Collectors Association Show in St. Charles, Illinois. Quality Consignments accepted until March 1.

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(Prices Listed Include Buyer's Premium)

Pair of canvasbacks, James Holly

Flying decorative wood duck, Elmer Crowell

Crook neck brant, Ira Hudson

Canada goose, Phineas Reeves

Decorative Canada goose, Ward Brothers

Goldeneye drake, Ward Brothers

Canada goose, Ira Hudson

Pair of shovelers, Ward Brothers

"Annual Migration," watercolor, Frank Benson
15" x 19"

Pintail, Lloyd Sterling

Curlew, Mason Decoy Factory

Mallard drake, Ward Brothers

Canvasback hen, Ward Brothers

49" long Old Town Canoe sample

Pair of redheads from the Toronto area

Dowitcher, John Dilley

Pair of decorative mallards, Ward Brothers

Black duck, Nathan Cobb, Jr.

2/3 size mallards, Ward Brothers

Pintail, Mark Whipple

Peep, Obediah Verity

Pair of bluebills, Eli Doughty

"Canada Goose Portrait," oil on canvas
George Browne, 30" x 36"

Running yellowlegs, William Southard

Sanderling, Harry V. Shourds

Bluewing teal, Charles Perdew

Curlew, Frank Kellum

Curlew, Charles Clark

Canada goose, Clark Madera

Pair of pintails, Ward Brothers

Brant, Nathan Cobb, Jr.

Black bellied plover, John Dilley

Robin snipe, Harry V. Shourds

Dowitcher, Ira Hudson

Canada goose from Dorchester County, Maryland

Three willets from Massachusetts

Widgeon, Lloyd Sterling

Ruddy duck, Ben Dye

Lesser yellowlegs, Daniel Lake Leeds

Canvasback, Ward Brothers

Turnstone, John McAnney

Canvasback, Lee Dudley

"October Stream," oil on canvas, Eric Sloane,
23" x 47"

Canvasback, Elmer Crowell

Sunfish plaque, Oscar Peterson

Cork surf scoter, Shang Wheeler

"Osprey," oil on canvas, Guy Coheleach, 72" x 48"

Canvasback, Ward Brothers

"Mallards on the Mudflats," watercolor,
Archibald Thorburn, 15" x 21.5"

Mallard drake, Elmer Crowell

Bufflehead, Harry V. Shourds

Sandpiper, Elmer Crowell

Bluebill, Ward Brothers

DuPont Ballistite poster