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Guyette & Deeter Summer Decoy Auction Hits $4 Million

Spirited bidding pushes Guyette & Deeter’s Summer auction to the $4,000,000 mark.

This was our second auction conducted exclusively by phone, absentee and online bidding, our buyers’ enthusiasm was certainly not diminished in the least! 

Collectors continue to feel comfortable bidding even if they have not viewed the items in person because of our company's guaranteed condition reports. Most auction houses sell items “as is”.

Eight decoys sold for over $100,000, and 56 sold for over $10,000. Seven of the $100,000+ decoys came from the estate of legendary decoy collector, Dr. Lloyd T. Griffith of Mt. Holly, Virginia.

The top lot of the sale was an incredibly well preserved, 140 year old, Canada goose made by Nathan Cobb, Jr. (Cobb’s Island, VA). Which sold for $336,000. The decoy was formerly owned by William Mackey, Jr. Dr. Griffith bought it for $2,600 in the early 1970’s.

Shorebird decoys accounted for the remaining top lots. A Nathan Cobb, Jr. curlew sold for $210,000. William Bowman curlew sold for $168,000, Luther Nottingham curlew for $168,000 (a world record for the maker), and an Obediah Verity feeding plover sold for $156,000.

Guyette & Deeter’s next sale will be held November 20 and 21 in Easton, Maryland. Consignments will be accepted for the sale until September 20.


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(Prices Listed Include Buyer's Premium)

Canada goose, Nathan Cobb, Jr.

Large curlew, William Bowman

Feeding black bellied plover, Obediah Verity

Brant, Nathan Cobb, Jr.

Merganser, George Boyd

Yellowlegs, William Bowman

Slot neck black bellied plover from Massachusetts

Pike trade sign, Oscar Peterson

Merganser, Franklin Pierce Wright

Pair of canvasbacks, Charles Barnard

Pair of black ducks, Lou Rathmell

Original Mason Factory crate with 12 unused bluebills

Redhead, Elmer Crowell

Merganser, Mason Decoy Factory

Old squaw, David Goodspeed

Widgeon, Elmer Crowell

Redhead, Harvey Stevens

Flying greenwing teal, Elmer Crowell

Brant, Eli Doughty

Oil on canvas, Harry Curieux Adamson. 22" x 30"

Black bellied plover from Cape Cod, MA

Two old squaw, Captain Clarence Bailey

Preening pintail hen, Mitchell LaFrance

Decorative Canada goose, Ward Brothers

Old squaw, Joseph Lincoln

Mallard, Charles Walker

Redhead hen from the Markham rig

Miniature snipe, Elmer Crowell

Pintail, Bert Graves

Bluebill, Harvey Stevens

1/2 size standing blackduck, Elmer Crowell

Curlew, Charles Clark

Curlew, McCarthy family

Mallard, Ward Brothers

Hanging game carving, Alexander Pope, Jr.

Watercolor, Ogden Pleissner. 7" x 9.5"

Preening bluebill, Albert Laing

Watercolor, Frank Benson. 7.5" x 10.5"

Original aquatint engraving, John James Audubon

Mallard, Dan English

Curlew, Nathan Cobb, Jr.

Curlew, Luther Lee Nottingham
World auction record for maker

Full set of 25 miniatures, Elmer Crowell

Merganser, Capt. Samuel Augustus Fabens

Willet, William Bowman

Eider from Deer Isle, Maine

Dowitcher, Elmer Crowell

Redhead, Elkanah Cobb

Mallard hen, Bert Graves

Mallard, Charles Walker

Black duck, Ivar Fernlund

Yellowlegs, Ira Hudson

Canvasback hen, Ward Brothers

Yellowlegs, Ira Hudson

Oil on canvas, Frank Stick. 34" x 24.5"

Oldsquaw, Steven Badlam

Oil on canvas, Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait. 11.5" 15.5"

Pair of bluebills, Ward Brothers

Large heron from New Jersey

Miniature yellowlegs, Elmer Crowell

Pair of pintails, Elmer Crowell

Pair of pintails, Ward Brothers

Preening scoter, Albert Laing

Hanging game carving, Alexander Pope, Jr.

Brant, Walter Brady

Brant, Dave "Umbrella" Watson

Black bellied plover, Obediah Verity

Canada goose, George Warin

Miniature merganser, Elmer Crowell

Golden plover, Elmer Crowell

Oversize mallard, Bert Graves

Canvasback, George Stevens

Canada goose, Joseph Lincoln

Sunfish plaque, Oscar Peterson

Original aquatint engraving, John James Audubon

Peep, Elmer Crowell

Two miniature penguins, Elmer Crowell

Early yellowlegs, William Bowman

Mallard, Elmer Crowell

Curlew, Mason Decoy Factoy