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November 20 & 21 Guyette & Deeter Auction sets 15 new world records for makers, sells 99 lots for over $10,000 and finishes at a solid $3.5 million.

Collectors continue to feel comfortable bidding remotely given our guaranteed condition reports, which most other auction houses do not offer. The top lot in the sale was an important feeding golden plover with carved wings by Elmer Crowell that sold for $108,000. Another highlight was an exceptional pintail by Lloyd Sterling that set an auction record for carver selling at $72,000. The 99 lots over $10,000 is the most in a Guyette & Deeter auction since the sale of Dr. James McCleery's collection in January of 2000.

The sale featured the collection of Jim and Pat Doherty, with many important and exciting decoys being offered. Items from the Doherty collection rounded out the top lots in the sale, including a merganser and a black duck by Ira Hudson that sold for $66,000 and $54,000.

Bidding was done via phone, absentee, and online through Invaluable, Bidsquare, and LiveAuctioneers. The sale was live streamed to bidders. The total for the sale hit mid estimate, pushing Guyette & Deeter's 2020 auction total over $10.5 million. While this has been an excellent year for the company, the team at Guyette & Deeter is more confident than ever that the future of decoy collecting is bright. New collectors and enthusiasm with current collectors is growing with every auction.

Our next sale will be held in April or May 2021 from Lombard, Illinois in conjunction with the Midwest Decoy Collectors Association Show. Quality consignments will be accepted until March 15. We will also be offering an online only Special Event sale in the month of January at Contact our office at 410-745-0485 to discuss consigning to either event.

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Feeding golden plover, Elmer Crowell

Merganser hen, Ira Hudson

Black duck, Ira Hudson

Bluewing teal, John Blair, Sr.

Canada goose, Elmer Crowell

Goldeneye, Albert Laing

Black bellied plover, Elmer Crowell

Mallard hen, Ward Brothers

Canada goose, James Best. Repainted as swan
a long time ago
World auction record for carver

Canvas covered goose, George Boyd

Canvasback, Robert Elliston

Canada goose, Ward Brothers

Bluewing teal, John "Daddy" Holly

Bluebill, Nathan Rowley Horner

Bluebill, Ben Dye
World auction record for carver

Ruddy duck, Robert Morse

Black duck, Shang Wheeler

Black duck, Nathan Rowley Horner

Black bellied plover, Daniel DeMott

Brant, Ward Brothers

Pair of wood ducks, Ward Brothers

Goldeneye, Elmer Crowell

Greenwing teal, Robert Elliston

Flying redhead wall plaque, Chauncey Wheeler

Pair of bluewing teal, Elmer Crowell

Widgeon, Elmer Crowell

Pair of canvasbacks, John Schweikart

Mallard, John Dorsett

Brant, Dave "Umbrella" Watson

Bluewing teal hen, John Graham

Black duck, Harry M. Shourds

Willet, Elisha Burr

Mallard, Ward Brothers

54" long salmon plaque, P.D. Malloch

Redhead, Lee Dudley

Pintail, Mason Decoy Factory

English/Dawson pintail hen

Canvasback, Ward Brothers

Lesser yellowlegs, Elmer Crowell

Bufflehead, Harry V. Shourds

Curlew, Luther Lee Nottingham

Wood duck, Elmer Crowell

Brant, Ira Hudson

Walking black duck, Ira Hudson

Black bellied plover, Dave "Umbrella" Watson

Black duck, Ward Brothers

Brant, Chauncey Wheeler

Bluebill, Harry V. Shourds

Semi palmated plover, Elmer Crowell

Body booting swan, Madison Mitchell
World auction record for carver

Pair of redheads, Harry V. Shourds

Canada goose, David Ward
World auction record for carver

Mallard hen, Sydney Duplessis
World auction record for carver

Miniature preening yellowlegs, Steve Weaver
World auction record for carver

Gadwall, Roger Barton
World auction record for carver

Fish plaque, Phillippe Sirois
World auction record for carver

Fish decoy, Frank Mizera
World auction record for carver

22.5" tall porcelain Campbell's Soup advertising sign

Pintail, Lloyd Sterling
World auction record for carver

Redhead, Nathan Cobb, Jr.

Black duck, Nathan Cobb, Jr.

Black duck, John Blair, Sr.

15" long pike, Oscar Peterson
World auction record for a fish decoy

Oldsquaw, Joseph Lincoln

Willet, William Bowman

Canada goose, George Warin

Merganser hen, George Stevens

Scoter hen, Joseph Lincoln

Carved frog on burl base, Charles Perdew

High head canvasback hen, Charles Barnard
World auction record for carver

Decorative yellowlegs, Elmer Crowell

Pair of pintails, William Quinn

Hudsonian curlew, Harry V. Shourds

Canvasback, Lou Rathmell

Bluebill, Robert Elliston

Black duck, Ward Brothers

Black bellied plover, Nathan Cobb, Jr.

Pair of greenwing teal, Charles Perdew

Redhead, Elmer Crowell

Merganser, Henry Grant
World auction record for carver

Canvasback wall plaque, Chauncey Wheeler

Ruddy duck, Alvirah Wright

Redhead, John English

Curlew, Daniel Lake Leeds

Curlew, Walter Brady

Tern, Elmer Crowell

Pintail, Charles Perdew

Canvasback, Elmer Crowell

Robin snipe, Daniel Lake Leeds

Curlew, Arthur Cobb

Pintail hen, James Holly

Pair of mallards, Horace Hi Crandall

Greenwing teal hen, John Blair, Sr.

Immature goldeneye, Stevens Brothers

Goldeneye hen, John Schwiekart

Canvasback, Leonard Pryor

Pintail, Nate Quillin

Pair of buffleheads, John English

Pintail, Ward Brothers

Sanderling, Elmer Crowell

Black bellied plover, Elisha Burr

Perch fish decoy, Oscar Peterson

Turnstone from the Rogers rig

Black duck, Ward Brothers

Plover in fall plumage, George Boyd

Full size peep, Elmer Crowell

Fish decoy, Earnie Newman
World auction record for carver

Creel, Emile Robichaud
World auction record for carver

Duck call, A.M. Bowles

Duck calls, E. Stoffer

Duck calls, E. Stofer

Duck call, Charles Perdew

41" long 19th century sneak boat model

10" wide early swing handle Nantucket Basket