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Easton, Maryland – Prices continue to be strong for decoys and sporting art, with our annual summer sale grossing close to the high estimate at $4.2 million. The sale featured approximately 550 lots, with five lots selling for over $100,000 and 98 selling for over $10,000. The top lots going for over $100,000 were an important sleeping mallard by Shang Wheeler sold for $144,000, a golden plover from Nantucket, MA sold well over its estimate at $114,000, a ghost fish by Hans Janner sold for a carver record of $108,000, an outstanding yellowlegs by William Bowman for $108,000, and an impressive 36” x 60” oil on canvas by Herman Gustav Simon for $102,000, a auction record for the artist.

The sale continued the trend of high prices for important collections coming to sale. The auction was highlighted by the collections of D.C. North, Virginia & Jonathan Chua, Dr. John Dinan, Dr. Lloyd T. Griffith, Gene & Linda Kangas, Robert Mangold, Otto Meyer, Steven Michaan, Kirby Roberts, Governor James Thompson, and Bruce Williams.

The sale set numerous new world auction records for carvers. New high marks were set for: Hans Janner, Sr., Herman Gustav Simon, Arthur Cobb, Daniel Demott, Alvirah Wright, John Scholer, John Fulcher, the Wessel Brothers, Joseph Marr, Charles Pice, Calvin Gaskill, Ivy Stevens, Ed Parsons, William Gibian, and George Isdell.

Our next sale will be held November 10 & 11 from Easton, MD. The sale is held in conjunction with the Easton Waterfowl Festival. Quality consignments being accepted until September 16 or until full.


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Sleeping mallard, Shang Wheeler

Golden plover from Nantucket, Massachusetts

Ghost fish decoy, Hans Janner
World auction record for carver

Yellowlegs, William Bowman

Oil on canvas, Herman Gustav Simon. 36" x 60"
World auction record for artist

Mallard, John Blair, Sr.

Pair of canvasbacks, Elmer Crowell

Rock bass fish decoy, Hans Janner

Squirell plaque, Oscar Peterson

Bass fish decoy, Hans Janner

Oil on canvas, Edmund Osthaus. 24" x 35.5"

Dowitcher, William Bowman

Bufflehead, Arthur Cobb
World auction record for carver

Preening mallard hen, Bert Graves

Decorative kingfisher, Elmer Crowell

Bluebill, Ward Brothers

Working tern, Daniel Demott
World auction record for carver

Hooded merganser from Georgian Bay, Ontario

Canada goose from the Gray rig

Wood duck, Jim Schmiedlin

Bufflehead, John English

Whimsey of two turtles, Oscar Peterson

Curlew from the Fox rig

Pair of greenwing teal, Charles Perdew

Bluegill fish plaque, Oscar Peterson

Redhead, Alvirah Wright
World auction record for carver

Pintail hen, Ward Brothers

Greenwing teal hen, Charles Bergman

Yellowlegs, Fred Nichols

Merganser, John Dawson

Oversize loon, Mark McNair

Black duck, Nathan Cobb, Jr.

Willet, Elmer Crowell

Mallard, John Scholer
World auction record for carver

Bluebill hen, Nathan Cobb, Jr.

Willet, Thomas Wilson

Widgeon, Harvey Stevens

Canvasback, Charles Bergman

66" long trade sign by Oscar Peterson

Pintail, Elmer Crowell

Dowitcher, Obediah Verity

Mallard hen, Elmer Crowell

Canvasback hen, Charles Bergman

Two yellowlegs, John Fulcher
World auction record for carver

Ruddy duck, Alvirah Wright

Pintail, Ward Brothers

Curlew, Obediah Verity

Mallard, Elmer Crowell

Black duck, Wessel Brothers
World auction record for carver

Pair of mallards, Charles Perdew

Widgeon, William Quinn

Canvasback, Joseph Marr
World auction record for carver

Ruddy duck, Ned Burgess

Striped bass plaque, Laurence Irvine

Curlew, Harry V. Shourds

Decorative sandpiper, Elmer Crowell

Decorative willet, William Gibian
World auction record for carver

Mallard, Charles Pice
World auction record for carver

Whimsical of alligator, Oscar Peterson

Two dowitchers, Calvin Gaskill
World auction record for carver

Greenwing teal, Ivy Stevens
World auction record for carver

Pike fish decoy, Oscar Peterson

Godwit from New Jersey

Salmon, John Bucknell Russell

Plover, attributed to William Matthews

Canvasback, Ward Brothers

Set of 48 vintage falconry hats

Black bellied plover from Virginia

Salmon plaque, Hardy Brothers

Pair of goldeneyes, Clark Madera

Swan, Oliver Lawson

Pintail, Jim Schmiedlin

Pheasant plaque, Oscar Peterson

Canada goose, Ward Brothers

Pair of 3/4 size mallards, Charles Perdew

Black bellied plover, George Boyd

Black bellied plover, George Boyd

Breast preening brant, John Brooks

Yellowlegs, Ira Hudson

Bufflehead, Ed Parsons
World auction record for carver

Black bellied plover from Massachusetts

Pike fish decoy, Oscar Peterson

Pair of old squaw, Oscar Bibber

Oil on canvas, George Browne. 24.5" x 29"

Black duck, Alma Fitchett

Flying tern, Elmer Crowell

Dowitcher, John Dilley

Whitefish fish decoy, Oscar Peterson

Pair of greenwing teal from Virginia

Perch fish decoy, Oscar Peterson

Yellowlegs, George Boyd

Oversize merganser from Maine

English/Dawson goldeneye hen

Pintail, Charles Pice

Bluewing teal, George Boyd

Black duck, George Isdell
World auction record for carver

Fish decoy, Leroy Howell

Fish decoy, Leroy Howell