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Easton, Maryland – The Guyette & Deeter, Inc. Decoy Auction Company conducted their 35th annual spring decoy auction on April 30 and May 1. The auction grossed just under $4 million and featured decoys from the collections of Governor Jim Thompson, Kroghie Andresen, Dr. John Dinan, Jim and Pat Doherty, Gary & Dale Guyette and William Mackey, Jr.

With over 600 lots in the sale, five sold for over $100,000 and 78 sold for over $10,000.  The sell through rate was an impressive 98.5%. Prices were high across all segments, with many items selling for well over their high estimate. Numerous world auction records were established including one for a working heron decoy, set with William Mackey’s heron which sold for $192,000. A world auction record for any fish decoy was set when a 20” perch by Oscar Peterson sold for $114,000. A world auction record for any Louisiana decoy was set when a Nicole Vidacovich pintail hammered at $45,050. A world auction record for any Nova Scotia decoy with an Edwin Bachman decoy selling for $120,000, and for any Prince Edward Island decoy with a John Ramsay brant selling for $31,800.

Some records for makers that were shattered include Oscar Peterson at $114,000, Hans Janner, Sr at $69,000, Sam Archer at $60,000, Jess Obed at $15,600, John Brooks at $13,600, and Lindsay Levy at $5,400.

Guyette & Deeter’s summer decoy auction will be held August 6 & 7 remotely from Maryland. Quality consignments of decoys, decorative carvings, and flat art for the sale will be accepted until June 1 or until full.


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The Mackey great blue heron
World auction record for a working heron decoy

Pair of redheads, Ward Brothers

Merganser, Captain Edwin Bachman
World auction record for carver & region

20" long perch, Oscar Peterson
World auction record for fish decoy

Classic greenwing teal, John Blair, Sr.

Preening mallard hen, Robert Elliston

Owl, Charles Perdew

Bass fish decoy, Hans Janner. 12" long
World auction record for carver

Pair of mergansers, Sam Archer
World auction record for carver

Canada goose field decoy, John Tax

Sunfish decoy, Harry Seymour. 6.5" long
World auction record for carver & Chautauqua fish

Herring gull from Long Island

Pintail, Nicole Vidacovich
World auction record for carver & region

Pair of pintails, Mason Decoy Factory

Mallard, Charles Perdew

Trout fish decoy, Ed Irwin. 7.5" long

Bluewing teal, John Blair, Sr.

Oil on canvas, Lynn Bogue Hunt. 48" x 29.5"

"The Art of the Decoy" dust jacket yellowlegs

Redhead, Charles Perdew

Widgeon, John English

Preening brant, John Ramsay
World auction record for carver & region

Fish vase, Oscar Peterson. 4" tall

Pintail hen, John English

Decorative yellowlegs, Elmer Crowell

Sleeping black duck, Charles Perdew

Pair of bluebills, George Stevens

Canvasback hen, Robert Elliston

Canvasback, Charles Perdew

Pair of mallards, Mason Decoy Factory

Pair of mallards, Hiram Hotze
World auction record for carver

Feeding kingfisher, Elmer Crowell

Duck boat bronze, William Koelpin

Widgeon, George Stevens

Pair of woodducks, Otto Garren

Redhead hen, Charles Perdew

Fish trade sign, Oscar Peterson. 50" long

Curlew, Alma Fitchett

English/Dawson bluebill

Loon from Shelburne County, Nova Scotia

Oil on board, David Maass. 24" x 35.5"

Plover, Obediah Verity

Mallard, Charles Walker

Pair of decorative hooded mergansers, Ward Brothers

Oil on canvas, George Browne. 24" x 29.5"

Pair of merganers, Keyes Chadwick

Pair of eiders, Jess Obed
World auction record for carver

Pair of pintails, Charles Perdew

Brant, Bert Graves

Black bellied plover, Elmer Crowell

Decorative robin, Elmer Crowell

Brant, Nathan Cobb, Jr.

Fish decoy, Oscar Peterson. 9.5" long

Snow goose, Ward Brothers

Black bellied plover in fall plumage, Elmer Crowell

Canada goose, John Brooks
World auction record for maker

Fish decoy, Oscar Peterson. 7.25" long

Canvasback, Ferdinand Bach

Pair of mergansers, Willie Ross

Yellowlegs, Charles Clark

Mallard hen, William Quinn

Ruddyduck, Alvirah Wright

Goldeneye, Captain Edwin Bachman

Fish decoy, Oscar Peterson. 9" long

Pair of mallards, Charles Perdew

Watercolor, Chet Reneson. 18" x 28"

Pair of mallards, Charles Perdew

Mallard hen, Otto Garren

Egret, possibly by Lloyd Tyler

Widgeon hen, Jess Heisler

Miniature pintail, Elmer Crowell

Fish decoy, Harry Seymour. 7.5" long

Blackduck, Albert Laing

Pair of 1/4 size Canada geese, Joseph Lincoln

Mallard, Charles Walker

Pair of widgeon, George Kessler

Oil on board, Elmer Crowell. 9.5" x 11.5"

Bluebill, Charles Perdew

Goldeneye, Noah Sterling

Greenwing teal, Steven Lane

Black duck, Charles Perdew

Oil on canvas, Richard Bishop, 24" x 26"

White wing scoter, Albert Laing

Pair of flying mallards, Hec Whittington

Canvasback hen, Ward Brothers

Hissing Canada goose, John Ramsay

Oil on board, David Maass. 23.5" x 20"

Black duck, Fred Croft

Pair of mallards, Tan Brunet

Pintail, Joseph Lincoln

Plover from Nantucket

Miniature eider, Elmer Crowell

Pair of canvasbacks, Tom Chambers

Pair of goldeneyes, Frank Combs

Merganser hen, Leigh Witherspoon

Pair of pintails, Ken Anger

Bluewing teal, John Blair, Sr.

Pair of gadwall, Cigar Daisey

Bluebill, Harry V. Shourds

Ruddy duck, Ned Burgess

Peters Cartridge Company calendar

Bristol Steel Fishing Rods trade sign

Full size red tail hawk, William Gibian

Swan, Bob White