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Lombard, Illinois – Guyette & Deeter, Inc. conducted their 37th annual spring decoy and sporting art auction on April 29 & 30 at the Westin Lombard in Lombard, Illinois.  This was the first spring sale with a live audience since the April 2019 auction and attendance was strong.

The sale featured decoys and sporting art from the collections of Jeff Munson, Preston Lowe, Herb Desch, Jonathan & Virginia Chua, Ron Gruber, Dr. Trent Spolar, Beans Wheatherly, and the family of A.T. Shearer.  Excellent and rare fish spearing decoys from the collections of Steven Michaan, Dave Fannon, and Norman & Alicia Volk received spirited bidding and duck calls from the collection of Jimmy Thompson also sold well.

After two days of auctions, gross sales totaled $3.5 million, 10% over the high estimate, with 92 lots selling for over $10,000, 29 of which brought over $25,000, and 7 over $50,000.  The top lot in the sale was an excellent black bellied plover from the Parker Whittimore rig carved by Elmer Crowell that brought $69,000.  Following closely behind the plover was a rare fish spearing decoy by Hans Janner that sold for $66,000 and a rigmate pair of 1936 Ward Brothers mallards for the same price.  The top paintings in the auction were a watercolor by Aiden Lassell Ripley at $54,000 and an oil on canvas by Percival Leonard Rosseau at $48,000.  A great mix of sporting art, duck and fish decoys, duck calls, fish plaques, powder tins, and folk art added to a very strong auction.

Guyette & Deeter’s next sale will be held July 29 & 30 at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. Michaels, Maryland. Quality consignments are being accepted until June 1st. 

Call Jon Deeter at 440-610-1768 or Zac Cote at 207-321-8091 to consign to this sale.


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(Prices Listed Include Buyer's Premium)

Black bellied plover, Elmer Crowell

12" spearing decoy, Hans Janner

20" x 36" fish plaque, Oscar Peterson

Pair of mallards, Ward Brothers

Stick up mallard, John Tax

15" x 22" watercolor, Aiden Lassell Ripley

Mallard hen, Ferd Homme

23" x 31" oil on canvas, Percival Leonard Rosseau

8.5" x 10.75" oil on canvas, Guss Muss-Arnolt

Pair of mallards, Mason Decoy Factory

Oversize mallard hen, Bert Graves

Sleeping yellowlegs, Melvin Gardner Lawrence

Canada goose, Nathan Cobb, Jr.

Black duck, Ward Brothers

Pintail, Ward Brothers

Black duck, Lou Rathmell

15.5" x 12" oil on canvas, Lynn Bogue Hunt

Greenwing teal, Richard Janson

15.5" x 17.5" oil on canvas, Lynn Bogue Hunt

Pair of woodducks, Charles Perdew

Pair of bluewing teal, Jim Schmiedlin

48" long salmon, Thomas Brayshaw

Mallard, Mason Decoy Factory

Canada goose, John Reeves

Widgeon, Robert McGaw

Black duck, Shang Wheeler

10 1/2" spearing decoy, Hans Janner

Mallard hen, Charles Perdew

23.25" x 31.5" oil on board, David Maass

Trout plaque, Oscar Peterson

Fish lures and patent papers, Oscar Peterson

20" x 30" oil on board, Robert Abbett

Merganser from Massachusetts

Crook neck Canada goose, Ira Hudson

Hutchins Barnacle Goose, John James Audubon

Pair of canvasbacks, Richard Janson

Very fat 10 1/2" spearing decoy from Lake Chautauqua, New York

6" x 8.5" watercolor and pencil, Aiden Lassell Ripley

Peep, Melvin Gardner Lawrence

Canada goose, George Warin

Rare 8 1/2" carved eye trout, Oscar Peterson

Pair of redheads, Jim Schmiedlin

9" glass eye pike, Oscar Peterson

Impressive 9 1/2" trout, Oscar Peterson

Early 9" glass eye brown trout, Oscar Peterson

Black bellied plover, Joseph Lincoln

Pair of flying pintails, Ira Hudson

Pair of canvasbacks, Augustus Moak

Canvasback, John "Daddy" Holly

Canada goose, attributed to Phineaus Upshur

Important 7 1/2" trout, Harry Seymour

Bufflehead, Cobb Island

Mallard hen, Charles Pice

Mallard, Charles Pice

Great American Hen and Young, John James Audubon

Pair of mergansers, Mason Decoy Factory

Decorative widgeon, Ward Brothers

Runnin yellowlegs, Elmer Crowell

Sleeping black duck, Miles Hancock

Canvasback hen, Ward Brothers

Black duck, John English

Large 9 1/4" pike, Oscar Peterson

Five barrel rifle, Smith, Rhodes, and Co.

Mallard hen, Charles Perdew

Pair of widgeon, Ward Brothers

Pair of bluewing teal, Evans Decoy Factory

Pair of mallards, Dewitt Wakefield

Black duck, James T. Holly

Large 13" spearing decoy, Auggie Janner

Pair of pintails, Charles Perdew

Owl with crow, Frank Finney

Pair of greenwing teal, Ward Brothers

Canvasback, Augustus Moak

Pair of canvasbacks, Charles Perdew

Mallard hen, Charles Walker

Canvasback hen, Chauncey Wheeler

Gadwall, Jim Schmiedlin

Pair of pintails, Richard Janson

12" natural finish bass, Hans Janner

Pair of mallards, Charles Perdew

Pair of black ducks, Jess Heisler

Pair of pintails, Ward Brothers

Swan, Cameron McIntyre

Ruddyduck, Ben Dye

23.5" x 29.5" oil on canvas, Richard Bishop

Swan, Dodge Decoy Factory

Pair of mallards, Fred Allen

Sleeping black duck, Ken Harris

Wood duck, Jim Schmiedlin

Pair of wood ducks, William Gibian

Bluebill, Robert Elliston

Decorative quail, Frank Finney

Merganser, Cleon Crowell

Canvasback, Chauncey Wheeler

Pintail hen, John Leudtke

9.75" x 135.5" watercolor, Aiden Lassell Ripley

Duck call, Doc Taylor

Early duck boat model

Cinnamon teal, Jim Schmiedlin

Excellent 7 1/2" trout from Lake Chautauqua, New York

Bluebill, George Stevens

18.5" x 25.5" watercolor, David Hagerbaumer

Black duck, William Chrysler

Duck call, Charles Perdew

Two duck calls from Illinois

Eight crow calls, Charles Perdew

Miniature owl carving, Steve Weaver

Pair of mallards, Walter Lowrey

Gun powder tin, Giant Powder Company

Two duck calls, Charles Perdew

Two duck calls, Johnny Marsh

42" tall cigar store figure, circa 1900

Pair of mergnasers, Miles Hancock

17" x 12.5" watercolor, Roland Clark

Pair of mallards, Percy Bicknell

Duck call, John "Sandy" Morrow

Early two sided trade sign

Federal duck stamp & print, Ding Darling

Duck call, Doc Taylor

Duck call lamp, Fred Jolly

6 1/2" flower fish, Leroy Howell

Pair of woodducks, Bob White

Duck call, John Jolly

Carved cane, Lloyd Cargile

Pair of mallards, Marty Hanson

Pair of canvasbacks, Dewitt Wakefield

Pair of greenwing teal, Charles Joiner

Duck call, John "Sandy" Morrow

8 3/4" sucker, Leroy Howell

Rare 7" frog pattern spearing decoy, Leroy Howell

13 cloth hunting & fishing licenses from Tennessee

Relief carved panel of three hounds

Large 9" spearing decoy, Leroy Howell

Gun powder tin, DuPont

Swan, Mason Decoy Factory