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Lombard, Illinois – Jon Deeter and Zac Cote, as well as the entire Guyette & Deeter team, would like to thank everyone who made the April 25th and 26th auction in Lombard, Illinois one of our most successful in the company’s 40-year history in the auction business. 

The sale grossed over high estimate at $6.3 million with 15 lots bringing in over $100,000 and 105 lots selling for over $10,000.  The company set new world record prices for 10 artists and added 5 decoys to the top 100 decoy lots ever sold at auction.

The auction was headlined by Session I of the Alan and Elaine Haid collection of Darien, Connecticut and Hamilton, Ohio.  Many of the important pieces from the Haid collection had never been offered at auction and were pursued by new and seasoned collectors alike. 

The sale also featured the collection of Jim and Patti Aikin and the second offering of Oscar Peterson carvings from the Dave Fannon collection.  The Haid, Aikin, and Fannon collection totals were all over their respective high estimates.

Session II of the Haid collection will be offered in Guyette and Deeter’s Easton, Maryland auction on July 26th and 27th.  Quality consignments will be accepted for the July auction until June 1st.  Email Jon or Zac, or call the St. Michaels office to have your items included in this sale.


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(Prices Listed Include Buyer's Premium)

Preening black duck, A.Elmer Crowell

World Auction Record for Maker
Swimming Canada goose, Harry V. Shourds

World Auction Record for Maker
Feeding black bellied plover, Obediah Verity

World Auction Record for Maker
Herring gull, Frank Kellum

Wood duck, Mason Decoy Factory

Bishops Head Gun Club Canada goose, Ward Brothers

World Auction Record for Maker
Working swan, Dodge Decoy Factory

Standing Canada goose, Charles Schoenheider, Sr.

World Auction Record for Maker
Pintail, Charles Walker

Semi palmated plover, A. Elmer Crowell

Shoveler hen, Ward Brothers

Ruddy turnstone, John Dilley

Ruddy turnstone, Obediah Verity

Herring gull, Harry V. Shourds

Oversize black duck, Robert Elliston

Least sandpiper, A. Elmer Crowell

World Auction Record for Maker
Redhead, Ferdinand Bach

World Auction Record for Maker
Canada goose, George Warin

Canvasback hen, Charles E. "Shang" Wheeler

Dowitcher in spring plumage, John Dilley

Rigmate pair of American merganser, Mason Decoy Factory

World Auction Record for Maker
Shoveler, John R. Wells

Jaguar plaque, Oscar Peterson. 14" x 30"

Oil on canvas, Edmund Henry Osthaus.
23.5" x 35.25"

World Auction Record for Maker
Red-breasted merganser, attributed to
Cassius Smith

Red-breasted merganser, A. Elmer Crowell

Flying Canada goose weathervane,
A. Elmer Crowell

Fish vase, Oscar Peterson. 11.5" tall

Skating raccoon memory box, Frank Finney

Merganser hen, Captain Samuel Fabens

Full size basset hound, Frank Finney

1942 style black duck, Ward Brothers

Black duck, James T. Holly

Rigmate pair of buffleheads, Markham, Ontario

Pintail, Nicole Vidacovich

Brant, Charles Birch

Redhead, Harry V. Shourds

Northern pike plaque, Oscar Peterson. 10" x 36"

Brook trout plaque, Oscar Peterson. 12" x 36.5"

Bluewing teal, Robert Elliston

Two-piece curlew, Mason Decoy Factory

Coot, Robert Elliston

Bufflehead hen, Harry V. Shourds

Perch fish spearing decoy, Oscar Peterson.
15" long x 3.5" wide

Oil on canvas, Frank Stick. 26.5" x 34.5"

Mallard, Robert Elliston

Premier grade Canada goose,
Mason Decoy Factory

Early pintail, Mason Decoy Factory

Cigar store Indian tobacconist trade sign,
shop of Thomas Brooks

Watercolor, Ogden Pleissner. 8" x 10"

Oversize mallard hen, Bert Graves

Bluewing teal hen in slight swimming pose,
James T. Holly

Red-breasted merganser with turned head,
Augustus Aaron Wilson

Passenger pigeon, Mason Decoy Factory

Rigmate pair of mallards, Bert Graves

Duck call, Kinney and Harlow

High-head broadbill, Ward Brothers

Perch fish decoy, Horace "Bart" Perkins

Redhead, A. Elmer Crowell

Three-piece black duck, Charles Perdew

Preening greater yellowlegs, A. Elmer Crowell

Mallard, Charles Walker

Wing up sandpiper, A. Elmer Crowell

Fish vase, Oscar Peterson. 7.5" tall

Three sandhill crane decoys, Danz
Manufacturing Company

Preening lesser yellowlegs, A. Elmer Crowell

World Auction Record for Maker
Common snapping turtle, Eddie Wozny

Violet saberwing and green hermit, Thomas Horn

Bluebill, Robert Elliston

Canada goose, George Warin

Pintail, Charles Bergman

Rigmate pair of wood ducks, Ben Schmidt

Perched hummingbird, Frank Finney

Preening bluewing teal, Jim Schmiedlin

Brook trout fish spearing decoy, Oscar Peterson

Rainbow trout fish spearing decoy, Oscar Peterson

Rigmate pair of oversize mallards, Bert Graves

Pintail, Charles Perdew

Duck call, Charles Perdew

Rigmate pair of mallards, Charles Perdew

Rigmate pair of hooded mergansers, Jim Schmiedlin

Duck call, Gerald "GD" Devereaux Kinney

Crow call, Charles Perdew

Duck call, Charles Perdew

Bluewing teal, Mark Whipple

Three sleeping canvasbacks, William Enright

Duck call, James T. Beckhart

Black bellied plover, Harry V. Shourds

Robin snipe, Harry V. Shourds

Bluewing teal hen, John Blair, Sr.

Small size brook trout plaque, Oscar Peterson. 10.25" x 1.75"

Collection of 42 fishing floats, Ideal Bobber Company

Bluebill, A. Elmer Crowell

Black bellied plover, Harry V. Shourds

Musky fish spearing decoy, Oscar Peterson

Brown trout fish spearing decoy, Oscar Peterson

Pike fish spearing decoy, Oscar Peterson

Rigmate pair of pintails, Mitchell Lafrance

Double lifted wing Canada goose weathervane, Cameron McIntyre

Yellowlegs in preening pose, Ward Brothers

Premier grade merganser, Mason Decoy Factory

Watercolor, Percival Leonard Rosseau. 19" x 25"

Decorative widgeon, Ward Brothers

Full size chickadee on branch, A. Elmer Crowell

Breast preening brant, Gerald Wagner

Challenge grade merganser hen, Mason
Decoy Factory

Bufflehead hen, Frank Buchner

Hardy Company fish plaque. 48" x 31.5"

Redhead drake, Rufus Roberts

Miniature owl, A. Elmer Crowell

Yellowlegs, Harry V. Shourds

Slope breasted black duck, Mason Decoy Factory

Miniature preening yellowlegs, A. Elmer Crowell

Rigmate pair of pintails, Ben Schmidt

Alligator stick, Oscar Peterson. 12.5" long

Three piece mallard, Charles Perdew

Oil on board, David Maass. 20" x 25.5"

Pre brand model pintail, A. Elmer Crowell

Miniature sora rail, A. Elmer Crowell

Wood duck, Mark McNair

Black tailed godwit, William Gibian

1936 model bluebill, Ward Brothers

Redhead hen, Toronto, Ontario

Rigmate pair of bluebills, Jim Schmiedlin

Oil on canvas, William Henry Machen.
26.5" x 21.5"

Rigmate pair of widgeon, Ben Schmidt

Challenge grade bluewing teal,
Mason Decoy Factory

Merganser hen, Christie Brothers

Pike fish spearing decoy, Oscar Peterson

Canvasback, Gus Moak

Black duck, A. Elmer Crowell

3/4 size swan, Tan Brunet

Two least bitterns, Gilles Pred'homme

Mallard, Charles Perdew

Goldeneye hen, James Harper

Sleeping black duck, Cameron McIntyre

Goldeneye, James T. Holly

Goldeneye hen and drake, Ben Schmidt

Black duck, Dan English

Miniature godwit, A. Elmer Crowell

Sucker fish spearing decoy, Oscar Peterson

Red breasted merganser, Mark McNair

1936 style canvasback hen, Ward Brothers

1936 style mallard, Ward Brothers

Set of 3/4 size mallard bookends,
A. Elmer Crowell

1/3 size swimming Canada goose, Joseph Lincoln

Pair of redheads, Tom Schroeder

Rigmate pair of common mergansers, Charles Schoenheider, Jr.

Canvasback, Mandt Homme

Greenwing teal, Ira Hudson

Canada goose, Ben Schmidt

Sleeping canvasback, John Zachman

Miniature surf scoter, A. Elmer Crowell

Gadwall, Jim Schmiedlin

Decorative wood duck, Jim Schmiedlin

Pair of bluebills, Frank Buchner

Atlantic salmon trophy fish, Farlow and Company

Shooting stool model merganser, Ward Brothers

Premier grade Canada goose, Mason Decoy Factory

Pair of mallards, Ken Anger

Flying kestral, Josh Brewer