guyette and deeter

July 30 & 31, 2005 Boston, Massachusetts

650+ lots. Featuring decoys from the F. Phillips Williamson collection, Linda and Gene Kangas and Ron Adamson. This auction grossed $2,478,000, which was well over estimate. 40 lots sold for over $10,000 and 5 lots sold for over $100,000

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(Prices Listed Include Buyer's Premium)

Mallard drake by Henry Perdew World auction record for maker

Mallard hen by Robert Elliston World auction record for maker

Canvasback hen by Chauncey Wheeler

Pair of buffleheads by the Peterson Decoy Factory

Goldeneye hen by Joseph Lincoln

Redhead hen by Ira Hudson

Brant by Ira Hudson

Nantucket golden plover - for sale at the Midwest Decoy Collectors Show for $9500

Merganser by the Mason Decoy Factory

Greenwing teal by Shang Wheeler

Greenwing teal by Robert Elliston

Hooded merganser from Ontario

Pair of greenwing teal by the Ward Brothers - sold at a Guyette & Schmidt, Inc. auction in 1989 for $9,900

Pair of pintail by the Ward Brothers

Pair of mallards by the Mason Decoy Factory

Golden plover by Elmer Crowell

Canada goose by George Boyd

Speckled belly goose by John Tax

Merganser hen by Charles Osgood

Brant by Ira Hudson

Brant by Nathan Cobb, Jr.

Canada goose by Charles Schoenheider, Sr.

Canada goose by Phineas Reeves

Mallard drake by the Mason Decoy Factory

Fish carving by John and Dhuie Tully

Full size quail by Elmer Crowell

Redhead hen by John "Daddy" Holly

Curlew by Charles Clark

Old squaw by Oscar Bibber

Scoter by Gus Wilson

Canada goose from Prince Edward Island

Mallard hen by Charles Bergman

Pair of mergansers by Doug Jester

Dowitcher by John Haff

Pintail by John Pice

Black duck by Elmer Crowell

Set of 6 shorebirds by Harry V. Shourds

Old squaw by Lothrop Holmes