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July 26 & 27, 2008 Decoy Auction - Portland, Maine

Guyette & Schmidt, Inc. conducted their annual summer decoy auction on July 26th & 27th, 2008. The auction was held at the Wyndham Hotel in Portland. The auction grossed just under $1.7 million with 39 lots selling for over $10,000 and 1 lot selling for over $100,000. As was the case in their April 2008 auction, prices were strong. Top lot in the sale was an old squaw drake by Joseph Lincoln which sold for $137,000. The auction gross of $1.69 million was around mid estimate. The auction was accompanied by a 50 table decoy show with decoy dealers from all over the US. Frank Schmidt and Gary Guyette assembled over 450 decoys and related items from collections and directly out of houses all over the United States and Canada. Prices for New England decoys and Mason Factory decoys were particularly strong. The sale featured decoys from the collections of Joe French, Gene and Linda Kangas, Howard and Jean Wadell, J. Creighton Reipe, Jr., and Dave Galliher.

650+ lots. Featuring decoys from the collections of David Galliher and Joe French. Gross sales $2.4 Million.

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Canada goose by the Dodge Decoy Factory

Brant by Keyes Chadwick

Brant by the Mason Decoy Factory

Canada goose by Fred Baumgardner

Charles Perdew Decoys

Decoys by Gus Wilson

Decoys from New England

Redhead drake by Ken Anger

Canada goose by the Mason Decoy Factory

Toronto Harbor robin snipe

Pair of blackducks by the Ward Brothers

Pintail drake by the Ward Brothers

Old squaw drake by Joseph Lincoln

Old squaw hen by Joseph Lincoln

Blackduck by Nathan Cobb

Pintail drake by Joseph Lincoln

Canada goose by Joseph Lincoln

Dowitcher by Elmer Crowell

Decorative common snipe by Elmer Crowell

Decorative black bellied plover by Elmer Crowell

Sleeping blackduck by Shang Wheeler

Greenwing teal hen from the Markham rig

Canvasback drake by Elmer Crowell

Decoys from the Pacific Coast

Pintail drake by the Mason Decoy Factory

Blackduck by John English

Pair of redheads by the Ward Brothers

Upper Bay teal