guyette and deeter

July 18 & 19, 2009 Decoy Auction - Portland, Maine

500+ lots. Featuring decoys from the Collections of David Galliher, Joseph Hall, the estate of Barbara McFalls, Ed & Jane German, and Ginny & Charles Harvey. Gross sales - $1.25 Million

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(Prices Listed Include Buyer's Premium)

Pair of bluebills by Ferdinand Bach

Yellowlegs by William Bowman

Brant by Eli Doughty

Knot by the Mason Decoy Factory

Canada goose by George Warin

Snow goose by John Tax

Blackduck by Gus Wilson

Redhead drake from the Markham rig Auction World Record Price

Redhead hen from the Markham rig

Widgeon by Steven Verity Auction World Record Price

Flying blackduck by Ira Hudson

Greenwing teal hen by Charles Bergman

Greenwing teal hen by Charles Bergman

Wood duck by the Mason Decoy Factory

Fish plaque by Tulley

Eider drake from Maine

Eider drake from Deer Isle, Maine

Redhead attributed to Cassius Smith

Owl from Illinois

Scoter by Gus Wilson

Yellowlegs by Elmer Crowell

Redhead by the Ward Brothers

Canada goose by George Boyd

Pintail by Shang Wheeler

Mallard by Charles Perdew

Canvasback by John Schweikart

Canvasback by James Harper Auction World Record Price

Pintail by John Blair, Jr.

Pair of mergansers by Elmer Crowell

Merganser hen by Lee Witherspoon Auction World Record Price

Mallard by Gus Wilson

Fish plaque by Edward Thatcher