guyette and deeter

July 29 & 30, 2010 - Portsmouth, New Hampshire

480+ lots. Featuring decoys from the Collections of Joe French, E.K. Shaw, Dr. John Levinson, and William Walper III. Gross sales - $1.25 Million.

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Pair of redheads by Elmer Crowell

Decorative yellowlegs by Elmer Crowell

Redhead hen by Ira Hudson

Premier grade pintail hen by the Mason Decoy Factory

Mallard hen by Enoch Reindahl

Old squaw attributed to Oscar Bibber

Pair of bluebills by Frank Combs

Watercolor by David Hagerbaumer

Dowitcher by John Dilley

Dowitcher by John Dilley

Pintail hen by the Ward Brothers

Pintail drake by the Ward Brothers

Standing grouse by the Ward Brothers

Preening old squaw by the Ward Brothers

Pair of mergansers by Keyes Chadwick

Curlew from the Matthews Rig

Black bellied plover by Daniel Lakes Leeds

Full size heron by Chief Eugene Cuffee

Decorative golden plover by Elmer Crowell

Widgeon by Joseph Lincoln

Pintail drake by Albert Laing

Swan from Talbot County, Maryland

Pair of mallards by Bernard Ohnmacht Auction World Record for Indiana decoy

Pair of pintails by Bert Graves

Merganser by Allen Stuart

Pair of Ontario style canvasbacks by Cameron McIntyre

Oil on canvas by Henry Carling

Premier grade bluebill drake by the Mason Decoy Factory

Pair of goldeneye by the Ward Brothers