guyette and deeter

November 10 & 11, 2010 - Easton, Maryland

750+ lots. Featuring decoys from the collections of Phil Williamson, Jerry Ferguson, William and Mary Blue Huey, Eustace K. Shaw, Dan Brown and William Walper III . Gross sales - $1.77 Million.

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Black bellied plover by John Dilley

Black bellied plover by John Dilley - neck repair

Pair of redheads by Henry Lockhard

Ruddy turnstone mantel carving by Elmer Crowell

Mallard drake by Charles Bergman

Pintail drake by Charles Bergman

Wild Duck Shooting" lithograph by Currier & Ives

Oil on board by David Maass

Bufflehead by Nathan Cobb

Blackduck by Nathan Cobb

Curlew attributed to Roberts Auction World Record for maker

Early blackduck by the Ward Brothers

Black bellied plover by Harry V. Shourds

Pair of greenwing teal by the Ward Brothers

Pair of 1/4 size mallards by Henry Perdew

Swan by Bob White

Over size mallard hen by the Mason Decoy Factory

Mallard drake by the Ward Brothers

Robin snipe by John Dilley

Canada goose by Walter Brady Auction World Record for maker

Eider from Bailey's Island, Maine

Hissing Canada goose by Ira Hudson

Crooked neck brant by Ira Hudson

Bluebill by John Blair, Jr.

Bluebill hen by Elkanah Cobb

Pintail drake from the Tisdale rig

Decorative greenwing teal by the Ward Brothers

Rigmate pair of pintails by the Ward Brothers

Early punt gun used on the Eastern Shore of Maryland