guyette and deeter

November 7 & 8, 2012 - Easton, Maryland

Easton, Maryland - Guyette, Schmidt & Deeter's annual fall decoy auction was held November 7th & 8th in Easton, Maryland. The sale totaled more than $1.5 million dollars. Many who attended the sale also took time to enjoy the Easton Waterfowl Festival. collectors. Bidding was strong with the auction grossing mid estimate at over $372,000.

The auction's top two lots include an Elmer Crowell plover at $103,500 and a Ward Brothers goldeneye hen at $80,500. Additionally 37 items sold for over $10,000.

This sale pushes Guyette, Schmidt & Deeter's all time sales over $138 million and furthers their position as the leading decoy auction house for both decoys and duck calls. Their next sale will be held in Charleston, South Carolina on February 15, in conjunction with the Southeastern Wildlife Expo. Investment quality consignments for this sale preferably from the Mid Atlantic region or the Carolinas, will be accepted until January 5 or until full. Space is very limited.

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(Prices Listed Include Buyer's Premium)

Blackduck by the Mason Decoy Factory

"Humpback" goldeneye hen by the Ward Brothers

Canada goose by the Ward Brothers

Canada goose by George Warin

Canvasback drake by Robert Elliston

Mallard drake by Charles Perdew

Mallard hen by Charles Walker

Mallard drake by Fred Allen

Mallard hen by Fred Allen

Dowitcher from the Rogers Rig

Dowitcher from the Rogers Rig

Golden plover by John Dilley

Eider drake from Monhegan Island, Maine

Miniature Canada goose by George Boyd

Folk art floor lamp

Miniature pintail drake by John Blair, Sr.

Miniature mallard drake by John Blair, Sr

Oldsquaw drake by Mark English

Full size curlew by Elmer Crowell

Preening blackduck by Oliver Lawson

Flying merganser drake by Delbert Hudson

Mallard drake by the Stevens Brothers

Bufflehead by the Stevens Brothers

Blackbellied plover by Elmer Crowell

Silhouette plovers by Elmer Crowell

Blackbellied plover by George Boyd

Yellowlegs by George Boyd

Golden plover attributed to Joseph Lincoln

Pintail drake by Nate Quillen

Pair of canvasbacks by the Ward Brothers

Pintail drake by the Ward Brothers

Sleeping Canada goose by the Ward Brothers

Blackduck attributed to Arthur Cobb

Pintail drake by Ira Hudson

Brant by Nathan Cobb, Jr.

Canvasback drake by Lee Dudley

Swan by James Best

Black bellied plover from Accomack, Virginia

Dowitcher by John Dilley

Brant by Rowley Horner