guyette and deeter

February 14, 2014 - Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina - Guyette & Deeter’s second annual decoy auction held in conjunction with the Southeastern Wildlife Expo in Charleston, South Carolina grossed just under high estimate at $485,000. This is Guyette & Deeter’s smallest auction of the year, with just 228 lots. The auction was unreserved and the Buyer’s Premium is still at 15%. As with all Guyette & Deeter auctions the condition reports were guaranteed. Only one item was passed.

Highlights include a golden plover by Elmer Crowell selling for $23,000, a greenwing teal by the Ward Brothers selling for $19,550, a ruddy duck from North Carolina selling for $19,550, and a bluebill by Lee Dudley selling for $18,975, all of which sold over estimate.

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(Prices Listed Include Buyer's Premium)

Golden plover by Elmer Crowell

Ruddy duck from North Carolina

Canvasback by the Ward Brothers

Mallard by Elmer Crowell

Yellowlegs by John Dilley

Canada goose by the Ward Brothers

Pair of widgeon by the Ward Brothers

Black duck by the Ward Brothers

Pair of decoratives canvasbacks by William Gibian

Redhead by Harry V. Shourds. Black repaint

Pair of wood ducks by Charlie Joiner

Greenwing teal by the Ward Brothers

Bluebill by Lee Dudley

Brant by Ira Hudson

Black duck by Ned Burgess

Old squaw by the Mason Decoy Factory

Curlew from Virginia

Canvasback by the Ward Brothers

Full size Canada goose by Robert Kerr

Dowitcher by William Bowman

Miniature turkeys by A.J. King