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Select highlights of our exceptional sporting gun sale

The Charlie Hunter Estate Collection
The Alan Phillips Estate Collection
A selection of fine L.C. Smith shotguns from the
C. Dean Rasmussen Collection
A selection of fine guns from the collection of Ron Gard
A selection of big bore fowling shotguns from the
Estate Collection of Bernie Liberati

February 4, 2023

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A selection of decoys, sporting art, and advertments will also be sold in the sale.
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Fascinating and fine original condition Remington era Parker VHE 20 gauge cutaway model with original 32" barrels

Beautiful all original Lefever 12 gauge sidecocker - a special order gun

Truly spectacular exceptional and near mint original condition J.P. Clabrough and Bros. 8 gauge hammerless shotgun

Extraordinarily rare, perhaps unique L.H. Gibbs sliding breech 8 bore shotgun

Rare original Parker Bros 12 gauge Try gun sold by A.W. Dubray

Spectacular Winchester model 21 20 gauge flat side custom engraved by Angelo Bee with case and accessories

Exceptional fully optioned Westley Richards & Co. full sidelock hand detachable self opening 2 barrel set with case and accessories

Fine and rare high original condition L.C. Smith grade 5E 16 gauge with case

Beautiful high original condition Texas shipped “grade 2” Colt model 1883 12 gauge
shotgun with factory letter
Scarce early L.C. Smith grade 4 made in Syracuse NY and engraved by Glahn

Truly spectacular Webley & Scott model 702 2 barrel set 20 gauge with case and accessories upgraded by John Pachmayr to the highest degree as a presentation to his brother Frank

Exceptional fully optioned Westley Richards & Co. full sidelock hand detachable self opening 2 barrel set with case and accessories

Exceptional high original condition Meriden Firearms Co. grade 58 12 gauge game gun

Beautiful high original condition Parker 20 gauge Trojan.

Fantastic Tomasoni game scene engraved Perugini and Visini 20 gauge game gun with case.

Pre-war Gebruder Merkel Boxlock drilling.

Fantastic Franz Sodia - Ferlach over/under Triumph - drilling (bockdrilling).

Desirable Browning Superposed Pointer grade 20 gauge Superlite shotgun with case.

Beautiful and scarce Abbiatico & Salvinelli 28 bore Castore model hammer shotgun.

Exceptional near mint and finest of its kind Parker AHE 12 gauge shotgun with options.

Extremely fine L.C. Smith grade 4E 16 gauge.

Fine high original condition Ithaca field grade 410 gauge NID model.

Extremely fine high original condition L.C. Smith Crown grade 12 gauge with full options.

Extremely fine high original condition L.C. Smith grade 4E case.

Landmark A. Galazan 20 Bore Boss O/U Game Gun - SN 1! 

Recently discovered and exceptionally rare all factory original Parker BHE 28 gauge
with all factory original options.

Highly desirable near mint Parker VHE 410 gauge skeet gun in its original A&F case with hang tag.

Finest of its kind – near mint, all original Lefever DS grade 20 gauge.

Scarce and desirable Parker DH grade 20 gauge with original Damascus barrels.

Documented Winchester model 21 16 gauge trap grade with factory original steel rifle butt plate.

Exceedingly rare L.C. Smith A-3 Grade 12 gauge. Pictured on the cover of Brophy's L.C. Smith book

Exceptionally rare Parker SA-1 gauge. One of three made

Superb original condition Parker VHE 28 gauge skeet gun

Beautiful and rare Parker GHE 28 gauge

Rare and desireable L.C. Smith 20 gauge Monogram grade

Superb James Purdey 12 gauge ultra lightweight game gun

Stunning Kreighoff Classic Dangerous game rifle

Rare and fine best quality C.Hunt & Co."The Royal Pigeon Gun"

Very rare Charles Osborne & Co. 4 bore hammer shotgun

Exceptionally rare H. Benjamin of London 4 bore double barrel hammer shotgun

Choice and near mint Parker GHE 16 gauge skeet gun

Rare L.C. Smith grade2 8 gauge hammerless shotgun

Rare all original Parker Bros Grade "0" 8 gauge

Exceptionally rare Parker AAHE 20 gauge. 1 SN earlier than earliest known Widgeon Duck Club order

Scarce Browning Superposed 20 gauge field configured pointer grade

Rare and desirable Parker CHE Grade 16 gauge

Late production, highly optioned Parker DHE 20 gauge

Extremely rare Parker CHE 28 gauge

Rare Becker Built A.H. Fox CE Grade 20 gauge

Fine and rare L.C. Smith Crown grade 20 gauge

One of only two made highly optioned Parker AHE 12 gauge target gun with 34" Acme steel barrels

High original condition Parker GHE grade 20 gauge skeet gun

Desirable Lefever Arms Co. EE grade 20 gauge

Huge and rare J.W. Tolley 4 bore single barrel hammerless shotgun

Stunning Winchester model 21 12 gauge. Made for H McBain, president of Marshall Fields

Scarce Parker VHE 28 gauge skeet shotgun

Rare L.C. Smith Ideal grade 410 gauge

Rare, early Winchester model 21 28 gauge "Deluxe"

Very rare late production, high original condition Parker DHE grade 12 gauge game gun

Very rare early L.C.Smith grade 2 8 gauge

Scarce optioned late production Parker CHE 12 gauge duck gun

Rare fully optioned Parker BHE 12 gauge

Rare Browning Pointer grade 12 gauge & 410 gauge two barrel set with case

Early W.H. Monks of Chester Nitro Proved 8 gauge hammer shotgun