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Annual Fall Auction | Decoys, Paintings, and Related Items
November 10 & 11, 2021

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Held in conjunction with the Easton Waterfowl Festival
Talbot County Community Center | 10028 Ocean Gateway, Easton, MD 21601

Featuring the collections of Charlie Hunter, D.C North, General Warren Magruder, Steven Michaan, Virginia & Jonathan Chua, and Bruce Williams

Quality consignments accepted until September 16

- Guaranteed Condition Reports
- Buyer's Premium 20%.
- Approximately 550 Investment quality decoys & related items.

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Outstanding pair of Canada geese by Mandt Homme

Outstanding cigar store figure attributed to the shop of Samuel Robb or Thomas Brooks

Very rare ruddy turnstone by William Bowman

Canada goose by Charles Safford

Hollow carved eskimo curlew by a member of the Folger Family

Yellowlegs by Lothrop Holmes

Important lake trout trade sign by Oscar Peterson. 45" long.

Important "flip tail" brook trout plaque by
Oscar Peterson. 16" x 30" x 2" thick

Oil on canvas by Edmund Osthaus. 27.5" x 35.5"

Oil on canvas by Robert Abbett. 19.5" x 25.5"

Canada goose by Eli Doughty

Canada goose by Lee Dudley

Greenwing teal hen from the Blair School

Bufflehead by Nathan Cobb, Jr.

Mallard hen by Ferd Homme

Canada goose by Jim Schmiedlin

Decorative lap wing plover, William Gibian

Preening lesser yellowlegs, Eddie Wozny

Pair of red breasted mergansers, William Gibian

Wood duck by William Gibian

Early hollow golden plover from Nantucket

Rigmate pair of bluewing teal by Otto Weinert

Early canvasback drake by the Ward Brothers

Curlew in running pose attributed to Gordon Fox

Rigmate pair of bluebills by John Dawson

Rigmate pair of red breasted mergansers by Doug Jester

Oil on canvas by Alexander Pope. 19" x 14".

Oil on board by Francis Lee Jaques. 15.5" x 11.5".

Watercolor by Aiden Lassell Ripley. 14.5" x 23.5"

Watercolor by Ogden Pleissner. 6.75" x 9.75".

Pintail hen by the Ward Brothers

Desirable pintail drake by the Ward Brothers

Rigmate pair of mallards by Charles Perdew

Red hawk by Ron Tepley

Golden eagle by Ron Tepley

Exceptional pair of gadwall by the Ward Brothers

Rare pair of flying greenwing teal by the Ward Brothers

Exceptional brant by Elmer Crowell

Black duck by Joseph Lincoln

Rigmate pair of mergansers by Keyes Chadwick

Root head swan from North Carolina

Chinook/Tyee Salmon by Thomas "Tommy" Brayshaw

Gadwall by Ben Schmidt

Chum/Keta Salmon by Thomas "Tommy" Brayshaw

Winchester advertising "Bear Dogs"

Salmon carved by A. J. Gear

Heart in hand Odd Fellows Lodge staff

Rare Parker shotgun

Pair of miniature egrets by Steve Weaver

Very rare seven barrel percussion battery gun

Rare black duck by Leonard Pryor

Full size decorative greater yellowlegs by Elmer Crowell

Full size decorative greater yellowlegs by Elmer Crowell

Full size decorative greater yellowlegs by Keith Mueller

Very rare 17.5" long pickerel by Elmer Crowell

Rigmate pair of merganers by Steven Baldwin

Feeding greater yellowlegs by Elmer Crowell

Rigmate pair of pintails by Joe Morgan

Classic brant by Harry V. Shourds

1936 model Canada goose by the Ward Brothers

19th century heron by Henry Ellison

Curlew from Cobb Island, Virginia

Black bellied plover by Joe Peirson

Important merganser drake from Accomack, Virginia

Robin snipe from Cobb Island, Virginia

Bluewing teal by Jim Schmiedlin

Greenwing teal by Jim Schmiedlin

Greenwing teal by Jim Schmiedlin

Red breasted merganser by Jim Schmiedlin

Bluewing teal by Ben Schmidt

Pintail by Ben Schmidt

Shoveler by Ben Schmidt

Chipmunk by Oscar Peterson

Full size turtle by Oscar Peterson

Important brook trout by Oscar Peterson. 12" x 2" tall x 1 1/8" wide

Pair of gadwall by Marty Hanson

Brant by Irving Fulcher

Canada goose by Doug Jester

Mallard drake by Ferd Homme

Part of an excellent selection of fish decoys by Oscar Peterson

Part of an excellent selection of fish decoys by Oscar Peterson

Decoratives by William Gibian

Decoratives by William Gibian

Pair of buffleheads by Ira Hudson

Brant by Eli Doughty

Redhead by Lee Dudley

Pinch breast model pintail drake by the Ward Brothers

Brant by Robert Andrews

Mallard by Ned Burgess

Outstanding hollow Toronto School Canada goose

Ruddy duck by Alvirah Wright

Black duck by Sebastion Taylor

Merganser from Cobb Island, Virginia

9.5" x 22" fish plaque by Oscar Peterson

Part of a good selection of DuPont advertisment

Part of a good selection of DuPont advertisment

Canvasback drake by Mandt Homme

Sleeping Canada goose T. Gray

Redhead by Harvey Stevens

Cork Canada goose by Shang Wheeler

Preening Canada goose by Miles Hancock

Redhead by Rufus Roberts

Bluebill hen by Callie O'Neal

Pair of wood ducks by Miles Hancock

Mallard hen from the Blair School

Wood duck by the Mason Decoy Factory

Mallard hen by Charles Walker

Bluewing teal from Hog Island, Virginia

Gouache by Lynn Bogue Hunt. 23" x 19"

Gouache by Lynn Bogue Hunt. 21.5" x 17.5"

Oil on board, Howard Hill.
31.5" x 23"

Oil on canvas by Percival Rosseau. 23" x 32.5"

Pair of mallards by John Zachman

Bluewing teal hen by Bill Cooper

Oil on canvas by Alexander Pope. 13.5" x 15"

Oil on board by Reg Bolles. 30" x 27.25"

Oil on canvas by Harold Brett. 31" x 31"

Scoter by Joseph Lincoln

Black duck by Callie O'Neil

Glass target ball thrower from Bogardus

Swan from North Carolina. Pictured in "Decoys of the Atlantic Flyway" by George Ross Starr, and used at the Swan Island Shooting Club

Mallard drake by Charles Althoff

Greater yellowlegs by Ira Hudson

Swan by the Mason Decoy Factory

Black duck by John Graham

Canada goose branded Hewlett, from the Toronto School

Black duck by Ike Phillips

Dove by Chauncey Wheeler

Pigeon decoy by Trulock and Harris

Merganser hen by Ira Hudson

Cork black duck by Shang Wheeler

Cork bluebill by Shang Wheeler

Canada goose by Ike O'Neil

Root head Canada goose by Newman Valliant, Bellevue, Maryland

Canada goose by the Dodge Decoy Factory

Swan by Miles Hancock

Bluebill hen by Arthur Cobb

Large wooden burl bowl

Canvas Canada goose by Enoch Reindahl

Four painted nesting baskets

Pair of pintails by Doug Jester

Bluebill by Eli Doughty

Redhead hen by Stevens Brothers

Preening Canada goose by George Skerry, Summerside, Prince Edward Island

Pair of widgeon by Doug Jester

Black duck by George Stevens

Bluebill by Orel Lebouf

Teal hen by Elmer Crowell

Canada goose by Phineas Reeves

Goldeneye by Joseph Lincoln

Goldeneye by Amos Wheaton

Black bellied tree duck by Jim Schmiedlin

Hooded merganser by Jim Schmiedlin

Old squaw by James Bourne

Curlew by the Mason Decoy Factory

Crook neck brant sink box decoy by Ira Hudson

Split tail yellowlegs by Ira Hudson

Rigmate pair of 1932 model bluebills by the Ward Brothers

Bufflehead by James Brinks Nelson

Robin snipe by Alma Fitchett

Yellowlegs by Smith Clinton Verity

Canada goose by the Mason Decoy Factory

Old squaw by Ben Dye

Rigmate pair of 1936 model bluebills by the Ward Brothers